as he spoke.

“At that time, Xiang Tianxiao and Jiang Jin were arguing. At this time, all Jiang Jin’s attention was on Xiang Tianxiao. It was impossible for Xiang Tianxiao to get behind Jiang Jin with such a big hammer, and he had to take advantage of Jiang Jin when he wasn’t paying attention. Giving him a few blows on the back of the head was obviously unreasonable, so Jiang Jin was hit on the back of the head by someone else when he wasn’t paying attention.”
“How can we prove that this person must be Master Akai?”
“Currently, it is known that Xiang Tianxiao’s office can only be reached by taking an elevator. This is still unreasonable. If it can only be accessed by an elevator, what if the elevator breaks down? What if a fire breaks out? So, Xiang Tianxiao There must be a safe passage in the office to prevent this situation from happening. According to my observation, that passage must be in the garden, covered by flowers, and that passage must also lead to a trustworthy place. Right, Master Li Kai, that passage leads to your office.” When Wei Renwu said the last sentence, he stroked his mustache and looked at Li Kai.
Li Kai ran away, and Ah Zhen chased after him, calling desperately for him behind Li Kai, but Li Kai never stopped.
Mary stood there, hesitating whether to chase or not. She looked at Wei Renwu, who was smiling and motionless.
Mary asked: “Mr. Wei, shouldn’t we pursue him?”
Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said: “If you don’t chase, Xiangbo chose to take the blame for Li Kai out of his own will. Li Kai’s choice to escape was also out of his own will. Ah Zhen chose to chase Li Kai. This It’s Ah Zhen’s own wish again, and I respect the wishes of each of them, so I won’t chase them. If you want to chase them, I won’t stop you, because this is also your wish.”
Mary was a little confused. She murmured: “I don’t know what to do now. Can Mr. Wei tell me what to do now?”
Wei Renwu touched his belly and said: “People are like iron, and rice is like steel. If you don’t eat one meal, you will feel hungry. I’m hungry now. I think we should eat first.”
Wei Renwu and Mary returned to Xiang Tianxiao’s villa. Although Mary was in a complicated mood now, she still cooked a few side dishes for Wei Renwu.
While Mary was cooking, she felt very depressed. The home was still the same home, but none of the people who were supposed to be at home, including Xiang Tianxiao, Li Kai, and Ah Zhen, stayed at home. Everything had changed.
Mary brought the food to the dining table and left Wei Renwu to eat alone. She was really not in the mood to eat, so she dragged her chin and looked at the table stupidly.
/Wei Renwu was in a relaxed mood. He generously picked up a piece of beef with chopsticks and ate it. As soon as he put it in his mouth, he spit it out immediately and shouted: “It’s too bland. Did you forget to add salt?”
“Really? I don’t remember.” Mary replied dully.
Wei Renwu shook his head and was about to try another dish. He picked up another piece of chicken and put it into his mouth. Then he spit it out i