lways admired his ability, but he has always been a little worse than me. Do you know why?”

Yue Ming thought for a while and replied: “I don’t know why, but Mr. Quan is already very powerful.”
“He just doesn’t know how to explore the psychology of criminals, so he always puts himself in a passive position. He is more than enough to deal with ordinary criminals, but when he encounters really difficult criminals, he is very, very dangerous.” Wei Renwu said here , there is also a hint of hating iron for not being able to become steel.
“Have you ever encountered any difficult criminals?” Yue Ming asked tentatively.
Wei Renwu smiled and said nothing, as if there was something he didn’t want to say.
Just when Yue Ming was about to ask further questions, Yang Yang emerged from the door of the New Hope Building.
Yue Ming quickly stuck his head out of the window and shouted: “Yang Yang, we are here.”
It was already nine o’clock in the evening, and Yue Ming was the only car parked across the street, so Yang Yang could easily spot Yue Ming.
Yang Yang got into Yue Ming’s car with a smile.
Yue Ming greeted: “Yang Yang, how do you feel about going to work today?”
Yang Yang replied: “It’s still the same.”
“Have you eaten?”
“I’ve eaten before. I usually order something outside before working overtime. Have you eaten before?”
“We’ve already eaten too.”
Yue Ming and Yang Yang were quite able to chat, but Wei Renwu became silent. He only urged: “Let’s go quickly.”
Yue Ming quickly started the “Beetle”.
“Let me tell you how to get to my house.” Yang Yang said enthusiastically.
Yue Ming responded: “No, I know how to go.”
Yang Yang asked doubtfully: “You know?”
Wei Renwu quickly rolled his eyes at Yue Ming. Yue Ming knew that he had said the wrong thing, so he quickly smoothed things over and said to Yang Yang: “You have to know that I am a detective. After accepting your entrustment, I naturally did a lot of investigations. I know that your family It’s quite normal.”
Yang Yang looked admiring and said, “Wow, it sounds so awesome. It’s really different for professionals.”
Yue Ming said proudly: “Of course.”
Wei Renwu cut it with disdain.
/Yue Ming and Yang Yang were talking and laughing along the way, but Wei Renwu was silent. Even if Yang Yang deliberately wanted to talk to Wei Renwu, Wei Renwu would only give a perfunctory reply.
“By the way, did you feel the stalker today?” Yue Ming suddenly asked.
Yang Yang shook his head and said, “It’s strange. I haven’t felt the stalker all day today.”
/“What about yesterday?”
“I didn’t have any yesterday, but I found something after I got home.”
“What?” Yue Ming asked.
“How to describe it?” Yang Yang seemed to be having trouble saying, “When you get to my house, you can see for yourselves.”
With that said, he had already arrived downstairs at Yang Yang’s house.
Yang Yang led Yue Ming and Wei Renwu to the third floor.
Yang Yang opened the door. To be honest, Yang Yang’s home was different from what Yue Ming imagined. In Yue Ming’s imagination, a lonely person’s home