Renwu said happily.

“Then let’s leave quickly. We’ll go find the hand first, and then go see your princess. After all, your princess has been in a coma for three days and her body functions have not fully recovered.” Yue Ming quickened his pace again.
Princess? In fact, some of what Yue Ming just said had touched something deep in Wei Renwu’s heart, but he didn’t show it on the surface, so Yue Ming couldn’t notice it.
The story of the princess and the knight happened a long time ago. Approximately how long? It must have been seven years ago.
Wei Renwu had almost forgotten this story, but after experiencing the ‘White Tiger’ this time, he actually recalled it again, and even dreamed about it in the past two days.
Wei Renwu’s experience seven years ago was like a fairy tale we often heard when we were children – a brave knight and a princess who swore to protect his heart.
2. Emergency meeting of the Public Security Department
Rewind time seven years ago.
It was autumn. Lin Xingchen had graduated from the “China Criminal Police Academy” two years ago. She did not choose to be a police officer in her hometown of Tianjin, but came to Chengdu, which was far away from her home, and became a criminal police officer here.
As a young girl who has just entered the society, Lin Xingchen has shown courage and ability that are rarely seen among rookie detectives. Therefore, among her peers, she is the one most appreciated by her superiors.
Lin Xingchen stood in front of his grooming mirror, carefully arranging his police uniform and gently stroking his short, simple hair.
Lin Xingchen arrived at the Public Security Department early and happened to meet his tall colleague Zhang Feng, so he greeted him: “Brother Zhang, you are here early.”
Zhang Feng said: “Xingchen, why are you here so early?”
Lin Xingchen said: “Captain Wang asked me to come early and go to a meeting with him later.”
“You mean that meeting?” Zhang Feng asked in surprise.
Lin Xingchen nodded and said, “Yes, that’s it.”
“I didn’t expect that Team Wang would let you participate.” Zhang Feng was really envious and jealous.
Lin Xingchen smiled and said, “This is Captain Wang Hou. I’m actually quite surprised.”
“No, it’s Xingchen that your ability is too outstanding, that’s why Team Wang values ??you so much.” Zhang Feng is not a petty person, he also feels that Lin Xingchen deserves Wang Chaoyang’s attention.
Lin Xingchen smiled.
The two walked into the Public Security Bureau together.
Wang Chaoyang is a very famous criminal policeman in Chengdu. He has solved countless cases in his life. Now he is fifty-eight years old and will retire in two years, but he is still dedicated to this job.
Many people did not understand and asked him: “Why are you unwilling to leave those important things to young people? Let yourself rest more and retire smoothly.”
/He would always answer: “The work that the police, especially the criminal police, do is extremely dangerous. If young people are left to handle it alone, if something goes wrong, it will not just be