then asked: “When will you two merge and become one?”

“Yes, hurry up, I want to grow up!” The miniature Sword Fairy couldn’t wait any longer.
Sword Fairy smiled and pulled her little face and said, “How nice it would be to give you a worry-free childhood.”
“You are only a child. I want to grow up. You are me and I am you. If you ridicule me, you are ridiculing yourself!” the little thing counterattacked.
/Jiang Qingyao said: “I think it is better to maintain the status quo for the time being. The extraordinary has come to an end and the myth has been silenced forever. There will probably be various drastic changes in the future. We should not act rashly. It is safer to separate like this. In fact, we should not appear in the same place first. Use two bodies, one big and one small, to maintain it for a period of time.”
The miniature Sword Fairy immediately gave up and said, “You want to go to the world of mortals and let me continue to sleep in the barren mountains?”
“Then I’ll sit here in seclusion while you go to the world of mortals for a while.” Jiang Qingyao wanted to go into seclusion to learn swordsmanship.
Wang Xuan said: “In the short term, there will be no enemies in the old land. I will take you for a walk and take a look. The world of mortals has been different for thousands of years.”
“Okay, okay!” The little thing raised his hands in agreement.
/At this moment, Zhao Qinghan sent a message in the group, asking where Wang Xuan was, how he was doing, and if he wanted to come out to eat together.
This group is the group on the other side of deep space. It contains several people who have been to the Immortal Land together, and later a Qin Cheng was mixed in.
Now, Zhao Qinghan and Wu Yin have not left yet. They feel that before the end of Chaofan, Xinxing’s side is more chaotic and not as safe as the old land. There are acquaintances and experts here.
“Old Wang, where are you? You have disappeared for several days. Don’t run into the depths of the universe again without saying hello.” Qin Cheng also shouted.
“Okay, see you at the Golden Years Restaurant in Ancheng at noon!” Wang Xuan responded, then turned to look at the two fairies, one large and one small, and said: “Let’s go, I will take you to the world, and make new friends by the way.”
Soon after, the Sword Fairy walked with his sword, took Wang Xuan and the little thing, and flew to the outside of An City without going in directly to avoid attracting onlookers.
After all, the little thing has been in this world for a year and knows all kinds of drastic changes. However, Sword Fairy Jiang Qingyao had never experienced it. She looked at this modern big city in a trance. She could no longer see the master gate, the former Sword Mountain, etc.
“What are you thinking about?” Wang Xuan asked.
“I miss the master too.” The miniature version of Sword Fairy’s eyes were red. On that rainy night, everyone in her master’s sect was killed by the man in black, and it would be impossible to see them again.
“There are also candied haws on a stick now,