ht Miller knew that it was caused by the death of his horse.

Knight Miller grew up with this war horse. It was a gift from his father when he first became a trainee knight. In the days that followed, he grew up with the war horse, and the war horse became a part of his life. part.
The war horse is very important to the knight. It is the knight’s feet and the extension of the knight’s life.
In addition to these, the war horse is the knight’s partner.
But Knight Miller had no time to grieve. After the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ rushed over, it not only killed the war horse with one blow, but also knocked out a huge pit in the ground.
If David hadn’t moved so fast, he would have been affected by this blow by now. Even if he dived to the deepest depth of ten meters, he would not be able to avoid death.
David didn’t dare to stop moving. Although the ‘underground sneak’ was silent and he could keep his aura concealed, the Miller Knight he was carrying could not. Because he lost his horse, the Miller Knight’s aura became worse. .
“Miller, David!” Baron Dubois roared angrily.
Baron Dubois did not expect that the ‘Fangs Poisonous Ant’ would suddenly give up the fight with him. When he saw the direction in which the ‘Fangs Poisonous Ants’ rushed out, he couldn’t help but be surprised.
/He hurriedly chased after him, but he was still a step too late. He saw Knight Miller’s horse being killed by the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’.
Although he didn’t know how David did it, he still sensed that Knight Miller was moving underground at this time.
Of course, Baron Du Bois could sense it, and so could the ‘Fang Poison Ant’. Just when the ‘Fang Poison Ant’ wanted to continue attacking, Baron Du Bois blocked it.
David had been watching the actions of the ‘Fangs Poisonous Ant’ through the Shadow Attendant. After seeing Baron Dubois blocking the ‘Fangs Poisonous Ant’, he breathed a long sigh of relief.
If he hadn’t known that Baron Dubois would be here soon, he wouldn’t have been able to escape with Knight Miller as a burden.
As long as David goes underground and hides his aura, it will take some time even for the ‘Fang Poison Giant Ant’ to find him. It will be impossible to find him without turning over all the nearby ground.
But bringing Miller Knight is equivalent to giving the ‘Fangs Poisonous Ants’ a target, so that the ‘Fangs Poisonous Giant Ants’ can easily discover them.
It was precisely because he knew that Baron Du Bois was there that David had to escape with Knight Miller. Even though Baron Du Bois was very polite to David, he even condescended to chat with David.
But that was all because David saved Knight Miller. Apart from this reason, as Baron Dubois, there was no need to care about a soldier like David.
No matter how strong and capable David is, he is only a soldier, let alone a soldier, even if he is extraordinary, Baron Du Bois cannot take him too seriously.
At this moment, David escaped alone, leaving Knight Miller to die on the spot. David could not guarantee that Baron Du Bois would not kill him in his anger.