Battle Formation.

Still using the same exploration method as Lord Ludwig, moving in the air several meters above the ground.
“Be careful, there will be a Zerg attack underground next!” Speaker Gould reminded us when we entered twenty kilometers.
/He came here just to see if the knight formation led by Lord Harold could effectively complete the mission. If even Lord Harold and the others could not clean up the ‘Lander Planet’, then he could only shamelessly ask Lord Arthur .
Within ten seconds of Speaker Gould’s reminder, a group of hundreds of Level 3 Zerg emerged from the ground and rushed towards the knight battle formation.
David did not manipulate Lord Harlow, but simply watched as a bystander.
Lord Harlow and the five Templar clones are more like war machines. They will only make the most correct and effective attacks.
Lord Haro swung the fifth-level light long sword in his hand, and a surging power of the fifth-level black dragon’s bloodline surged out. Hundreds of third-level Zerg rushed, and then exploded into a green blood mist in the air.
David, who was already at the legendary level, didn’t feel there was anything wrong with Lord Harlow’s level 5 attack, but in Speaker Gould’s eyes, he saw something special.
Speaker Gould himself is of the white dragon bloodline and also belongs to the giant dragon bloodline. He is very familiar with Lord Fred of the black dragon bloodline and is very knowledgeable about the power of the black dragon bloodline.
But even Lord Fred’s black dragon bloodline is not so powerful. This has nothing to do with the richness of the black dragon’s bloodline, but the power of the bloodline itself.
Just like the popular Knight Breathing Technique practiced by ordinary noble knights, this makes the bloodline power of these knights inherently much weaker than the bloodline power of knights who have practiced high-level Knight Breathing Technique.
Even if they have the same bloodline, the level of the knight’s training method will affect the power of the bloodline.
Speaker Gould’s eyes were so sharp. What he saw were six Templars, including Lord Harlow, all of whom had practiced some kind of knightly training method that he didn’t know. The level of this knightly training method must be very high.
As for the level of this knight’s training method, Chairman Gould guessed that it was at least much higher than the inheritance training method of the Main family. This was judged by the power of blood.
If this is true, then it means that Lord Haro and the others have mastered a certain level of cultivation method that is far superior to that inherited by other dragon bloodline families.
/Where does this ultra-high-level knight training method come from? Needless to say, it must come from Lord Arthur.
David didn’t know that just sending Lord Harlow and the others to fight allowed Speaker Gould to see a lot of things. When they were fighting against the Zerg in space, the Templars were at a distance from each other. Every Templar had to deal with the Zerg attack, so no Templar rea