ly attacked and killed. Before General Andre launched an investigation, he ordered David to be called to the Generalissimo’s office.

David smiled gratefully at Adjutant Jekyll. He naturally understood why Generalissimo Andre was angry.
/Adjutant Jekyll pushed open the office door and did not go in. He just let David in.
He didn’t want to face the angry Generalissimo Andre, who would also be scolded when he entered.
“David, what do you want me to say about you!” Unlike what Adjutant Jekyll said, after David entered the office, Generalissimo Andre stood up and came to him, pointing at him helplessly and saying.
If General Andre pointed at David and reprimanded him, or became angry, David could pretend that he didn’t know anything about General Milton.
/Anyway, the real murderer has been caught, and the scene of the action has been witnessed by many extraordinary people. With so many witnesses, he cannot be blamed for any crime.
“I don’t want to take action. If Admiral Milton just wants to deal with me, I can bear it, but he is planning to send people to deal with my relatives!” David did not quibble and explained in a deep voice.
Marshal Andre sighed in his heart, it was indeed David who did it.
Marshal Andre was 90% sure of his previous guess, because according to the information sent by his intelligence personnel, what happened at the Federal Military Equipment Department Research Institute was arranged by Admiral Milton’s adjutant.
Originally, this kind of thing was not a big deal. Although Admiral Milton acted a bit out of line, it did not go so far as to directly kill him.
This is also the reason why Marshal Andre is angry. If David kills the federal deputy commander for a trivial matter, then he will no longer be able to keep David in the federal headquarters.
Marshal Andre is very clear about how powerful David is. He can easily defeat the top noble lords in the divine world, and can continuously kill level 5 Zerg. These all show that David is stronger than level 5.
David, who possesses this kind of combat power, is a heaven-defying existence in the Interstellar Federation. Marshal Andre promoted him to general and then stayed with him in order to restrain David.
After listening to David’s explanation, General Andre thought that General Milton had committed suicide.
David’s relatives are his inverse scales, and they will die if they touch them. This is the conclusion reached after many incidents.
“You know, many deputy commanders have asked me to change offices!” Marshal Andre said, changing the topic.
When David heard that General Andrei no longer mentioned the murder of General Milton, he also knew that the matter was over.
“They can change them if they want. Anyway, there are many offices in the Federal Command!” David said with a smile.
Why did the deputy commanders change their offices? It was because they felt that David’s time bomb office was next to them, which made them very uneasy.
No one is stupid. Admiral Milton’s death seems to have been committed by the adjutant, but no one of the