ilitary discharge, Wei Xiaobei also gave the money to his mother to subsidize the family. After working part-time, the salary and living expenses were almost equal. After excluding rent, living expenses, etc., Wei Xiaobei only had about two hundred yuan left every month.

It can be imagined from this that the impact of these 110,000 yuan on Wei Xiaobei should not be small.
But Wei Xiaobei is different now.
Therefore, although there was some joy, it was not so much that Wei Xiaobei couldn’t even sleep.
After thinking about the use of the money for a while, Wei Xiaobei fell on the pillow and fell asleep.
The next morning, Wei Xiaobei got up at five o’clock, washed, did morning exercises, and had breakfast. The only trouble was that he couldn’t take a shower after being injured, so he could only wipe it lightly with a towel dipped in water.
After finishing all the work, it was already 7:30 in the morning when I went out carrying the things that Master had prepared for Cheng Sisi.
“Master, I’m leaving first.” Wei Xiaobei greeted his master and then his senior brother. Then he came to the entrance of the alley, where the old van that was the third senior brother’s special mount was already parked.
“Third Senior Brother, should our martial arts school change to another car?”
Wei Xiaobei was in a good mood now, and he made a fortune last night, so he asked with a smile.
“No need, the leather of this car is solid, don’t worry about tossing.”
Third senior brother Yao Wu gave a rare reply, but after starting the car and setting off, he became silent again.
Wei Xiaobei’s face turned a little red, and he opened the car window to let in the wind.
He realized at this time that he was a little too excited.
Are you saying that Cheng’s Martial Arts School can’t afford a new car? That’s a joke.
Not to mention how the master is, just the senior brother and the second senior brother, buying a car should be considered a piece of cake.
None of them talked about buying a car. It was indeed a bit too much for a junior brother to come and say it.
Alas, I am still a bit young and don’t think carefully.
/Once his mind is clear, Wei Xiaobei is less likely to make mistakes when thinking about problems.
Just as Yao Wu said, this van is really solid. When approaching Cuihu University, it was accidentally hit by a Ma Liu that caught up behind it and tried to steal the way, but there was no problem.
But in this case, Yao Wu would not be able to accompany Wei Xiaobei to Cuihu University to find his junior sister.
/The two discussed it, and Yao Wu waited in the van for the traffic police to come and deal with the problem, while Wei Xiaobei went directly to Cuihu University.
“Come out! Come out!”
“Your shabby car hit my car, how do you solve it?”
Before Wei Xiaobei got off the bus, five people got off the horse, all of them quite big. The man in the front with an inch-cropped hair still had a toothpick in his mouth.
When he reached the cab of the van, he stretched out his hand and slammed the window, shouting. The unsuspecting pa