e, every island has been evaluated, and its true value and even annual price fluctuations are listed in a table. Even if it is a negotiation, the maximum is one million US dollars. changes in position.

If the island had water, the price could be as high as 2.7 billion U.S. dollars. However, due to the lack of water, the value was greatly reduced. The final agreed price between the two parties was 700 million U.S. dollars, plus Prince Tamaras’s two islands.
The final result is undoubtedly a happy one.
Prince Tamalas was very satisfied to be able to take back the two small islands with water. You must know that the wealth created by these two small islands for him is more than three million US dollars every year.
And Wei Xiaobei was very satisfied with being able to have 200 million US dollars left in the end.
/After all, as Prince Tamalas said, this island requires a lot of investment in the later stage.
To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t be more satisfied with this island.
23 square kilometers, which means that Wei Xiaobei owns 34,500 acres of land. Of course, the cultivated area is only more than 20,000 acres, but it is still pretty good.
This is equivalent to the area of ??a township below Cuihu City.
/Of course, this also shows how expensive the island is.
If it were in the United States, a ranch of more than 30,000 acres could be purchased for only $200 million.
And the island, even without water, is four times the price of this ranch.
Of course, there are reasons for this high price.
The island is surrounded by water. Purchasing the island is not just about purchasing the island itself. As ancillary value of the island, starting from the purchase of the island, the sea extending five nautical miles around the island also belongs to Wei Xiaobei.
Of course, if this range intersects with other islands, then the distance is taken from the middle position.
In short, after Wei Xiaobei signed the purchase agreement, the island belongs to Wei Xiaobei. As long as Wei Xiaobei does not attempt to separate the island from the Kingdom of Liusnia, then the laws of the Kingdom of Liusnia will apply. His ownership of the island will be permanently protected.
“Congratulations, my dear Mamoru. As usual, you can give this island a unique name.”
Prince Tamalas gave Wei Xiaobei a warm hug and said that this name would appear on the latest national map of the Kingdom of Leusnia.
Wei Xiaobei felt excited at this time. A year ago, he was just a veteran carrying a big backpack and going to Cuihu City to find a job, but now, he has become the owner of an island.
It has to be said that things are constantly changing.
But you need to think carefully about the name of this island.
Wei Xiaobei lowered his head and began to think deeply.
Named after yourself? Little Beidao?
vomit! Wei Xiaobei felt a little strange.
Gray World Island? Too eye-catching?
After thinking of hundreds of names, Wei Xiaobei finally chose his own surname as the island’s new name.
Weijia Island!
In choosing this name, he undoubtedly thought