e white dust that should have appeared in the past.

Wei Xiaobei could clearly tell that he had indeed entered the gray world.
/It wasn’t until Wei Xiaobei opened the door and entered the living room that he discovered the reason for this strange behavior.
The living room is the same as my own room, not much has changed.
The wooden plaque blessing the city god was hung on the wall in shock, with three sticks of incense burning under it. Green smoke floated upwards, and when it got close to the wooden plaque blessing it, it was absorbed.
The blessing wooden sign emitted a faint yellow light around it, covering Wei Xiaobei’s house.
I see!
This blessing wooden tablet is indeed a treasure. Even in the gray world, it can still play some role.
It’s just that it can only play a role within the boundaries of Baita County. If not, its value would probably be even greater.
Of course, this blessing wooden sign should be a treasure made by the ghost messenger of the City God’s Temple, and then it would have such effect after being blessed by the City God.
Wei Xiaobei stared at the blessing wooden sign and couldn’t help but shook his head. The carving of this wooden sign looked far worse than his own, but there was a hint of spirituality in the carvings, which made Wei Xiaobei was vaguely confused.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei didn’t come here just to look at the blessing wooden plaque. After looking at it for a while, Wei Xiaobei jumped out of the living room window.
Wei Xiaobei was already familiar with the road to the City God’s Temple.
With Wei Xiaobei’s speed, it didn’t take long before he saw the City God’s Temple standing in the east of the county seat from a distance.
A group of Yin soldiers were slowly patrolling over.
Seeing a human being appear, the Yin soldiers immediately acted on guard, but the leader of the Yin soldiers waved his hand to let the Yin soldiers relax. He took two steps forward, cupped his hands towards Wei Xiaobei, and saluted: “But Mr. Wei?”
/Wei Xiaobei still had his eyes closed, and the induction pulses spread out, looking over the face of the Yin Soldier Captain.
They looked familiar, and after a brief thought, I thought about it.
This captain of the Yin soldiers was exactly the one he met when he went to the City God’s Temple last time, so he was able to recognize him.
“Exactly, I want to visit the City God. I wonder if you can lead the way?”
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t have any identity documents with him to go to the City God’s Temple, it could be seen from the behavior of the captain of the Yin soldiers that the City God probably gave him an order, so he didn’t worry about his request being rejected.
“As you wish.”
The captain of the Yin soldiers immediately assigned a Yin soldier to lead the way for Wei Xiaobei. Although Wei Xiaobei could also find the Chenghuang Temple on his own, there were still several Yin soldier patrols along the way, so it was naturally much more convenient to have someone to lead the way.
Before arriving at the City God’s Temple, Wei Xiaobei discovered a