or a way out along the passage, while he searched around.

Since the golden wild boar fell dead here, maybe this is a treasure hiding place for the Nordic gods?
It has to be said that Wei Xiaobei thinks too much.
After some searching, Wei Xiaobei discovered with great regret that this place was a huge tree hole. Not only was it empty, but it also contained the skeletons of some monsters. It didn’t take long for Pu Ren to send back a message. This passage leads out. It is the bark range of World Tree.
Wei Xiaobei kept the idea of ??not failing and put all the monster skeletons into the storage ring.
These skeletons are also useful and can be used to refine fertilizers. The botanical garden on Weijia Island has a huge demand for fertilizers.
With some regret, Wei Xiaobei left the tree hole and began to move upward along the cracks in the bark.
This tree hole was more than two thousand meters above the ground, and Wei Xiaobei could see some gray clouds right under his feet.
Hundreds of people moved forward along the upward passage between trees, while Wei Xiaobei followed leisurely.
Due to the World Tree’s shielding ability against induction pulses, those ordinary people were leading the way. Once in danger, Wei Xiaobei could deal with it calmly.
There are quite a lot of dangers in this World Tree.
Less than a thousand meters up, the few common people who were leading the way disappeared.
It was a worm with a body length of more than thirty meters that attacked the common people.
The poor man didn’t even have time to react before he was swallowed by the worms that jumped out from the cracks in the tree.
/The remaining commoners spread out and used their iron guns to fight back against the worms.
But this worm didn’t care at all about Pu Ren’s counterattack, and swallowed them happily.
By the time Wei Xiaobei arrived, the worm had already swallowed more than 20 people.
Just from the appearance, this worm looks like the larvae of the white butterfly, which is also commonly known as the pig worm.
The body is barrel-shaped with rolling flesh. There are ten pairs of gastropods on the abdomen. The skin is yellow with some black spots emerging. The outside of the abdomen is covered with sharp thorns.
Even though its meat looks like it’s rolling and it needs to crawl, its speed when hunting is astonishingly fast.
The body arches and then ejects, capable of jumping hundreds of meters.
In other words, within a range of 100 meters, it is impossible for ordinary people to escape from its hunting.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t think too much and immediately focused his eyes on the worm!
Knowledgeable and knowledgeable!
Name: World tree white butterfly larvae.
Race: Butterfly.
Gender: Female.
Age: 15 years old.
Biological level: Three-star elite.
Introduction: This insect is the larvae of the World Tree White Butterfly. The World Tree White Butterfly is known as the most beautiful butterfly in the world, but it is also the most poisonous butterfly in the world. The larvae of the World Tree White Butterfly are not pois