is way, it would take Wei Xiaobei about a whole day to catch a hundred three-star elite marine fish.

This little bit of time was not wasted. Later, while Wei Xiaobei was fishing, his mind was focused on research most of the time. This was considered a full use of time.
But fishing, even in reality, cannot be smooth sailing, let alone in the gray world full of mystery and weirdness.
But after putting the caught fish into the storage ring, Wei Xiaobei reacted in shock. What did the fish seem to say before?
Pulling out the memory fragment and looking at it, Wei Xiaobei then put his mind into the storage ring and examined the fish from before.
/Well, what the fish said was: “I am the Yaksha of the Dragon Palace of the South China Sea! You are!”
That was Wei Xiaobei’s last cry before he pinched his cheek and stuffed it into the storage ring.
South China Sea Dragon Palace Patrol Yaksha?
It looks a bit similar.
The fish floating in the storage ring space at this time is, to be precise, a strange, self-reliant fish. It is dark all over, has smooth skin, has two legs and hands, and has a row of erected fins on the back of its elbows and calves. There is also a strip of fish fins from the back spine to the neck. He is holding a blue harpoon in his right hand. There are some bloodshot eyes in the fish’s mouth. Well, it was injured by the fishhook.
It was indeed a bit like Xunhai Yaksha. Wei Xiaobei recalled the cartoons and TV series such as Nezha Naohai that he had watched when he was a child.
Could it be that he was being targeted by the South China Sea Dragon Palace?
/At this time, another sea fish was hooked. Wei Xiaobei was pondering this question while collecting the fish, looking around.
After watching for a while, Wei Xiaobei found that there was no overly strong aura on the surrounding sea surface, which meant that this South China Sea Dragon Palace Patrol Yaksha must have been accidentally attracted by the bait, or that this guy was originally there. Patrol this area.
Well, no matter what, the news about the Blue Crab Demon King is undoubtedly somewhat inaccurate.
No matter, just catch all the fish first and then ask questions. If you have any questions, it will be easier to leave.
After making up his mind, Wei Xiaobei withdrew some of his attention from research and put it on the surrounding sea to prevent being unable to respond in time when trouble occurs.
However, in the following time, Wei Xiaobei successfully caught a hundred sea fish, including even a four-star ordinary large yellow croaker.
In reality, this large yellow croaker is one of the most valuable seafood. It is a treasure from the inside out. It has high nutritional value and considerable medicinal value, especially its swim bladder, which is equivalent to gold.
Like this large yellow croaker, the larger the size, the higher the unit price.
If this giant yellow croaker, which is over 20 meters tall, were brought into reality, it might fetch a sky-high price.
However, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, the value of this large yellow croaker was