ely soar to the sky.

“I’m waiting for the day when you walk the world under your true name and become a powerful person in the sea of ??stars!”
After a brief gathering, it became quiet, and Zhong Cheng took the initiative to ask Wang Xuan to reconstruct his memory. Soon after, he opened his eyes in confusion, feeling a little empty in his heart. After clinking glasses with Wang Xuan, he forgot what happened just now.
Half an hour later, Wang Xuan stood up to say goodbye and left the villa.
Chang Qing and Gao Yuanwai repeatedly tried to persuade them to stay, but Wang Xuan told them that if they wanted to find Sun Wukong, he would tell them when he met him, and he insisted on leaving.
When he rushed into the night sky, a fairy boat cut through the night, with a hazy light, approaching quickly, and someone sent a message, asking him to wait a moment.
“Are you Sun Wukong?” The person driving the boat was a woman. She was in the realm of the Nine Heavens of True Immortals, and she caught up with him just to send an invitation.
“No.” Wang Xuan shook his head and directly denied his identity.
The woman was startled and said: “Whether you are Sun Wukong or not, the invitation will be delivered to you.”
Wang Xuan did not refuse, but wanted to see who it was. He took the glowing invitation, which had spiritual marks flowing on it and vibrated slightly.
“Chang Ming!” He frowned. He had talked about this person not long ago. He was Chang Qing’s competitor, but he came to contact him so quickly.
/“Okay, I understand.” He nodded and sent the woman away. Then, he turned around and returned to Gao Laozhuang and informed Gao Yuanwai and Chang Qing.
Wang Xuan is naturally inclined because Zhong Cheng is here. Especially when he knew that Chang Ming was very disrespectful to Zhong Cheng and wanted to search for his soul several times, he naturally didn’t like him very much.
“Oh, you saw him in the distance returning to that manor after receiving the invitation?” Chang Ming was drinking tea in a palace in Liuhua City.
He put down the teacup, with a cold look on his face, and said: “It’s really shameless to drink wine as a penalty instead of eating it!”
The other party’s tendency is already somewhat obvious. If an outsider dares to participate in the grudges and competition within the True Saint Dojo, in his opinion, this person is already dead.
Of course, many people consider it from their own standpoint. He also invited some famous wizards from outside to form a team to enter hell.
But he has a great double standard.
When his rival Chang Qing came into contact with this person who was suspected of being Sun Wukong, he felt offended and thought that Sun Wukong was tired of living.
“The ultimate true immortal, who has no opponent at the same level in dozens of star fields, can beat some of the geniuses among the heaven-level extraordinary people? Ha!” Chang Ming laughed and said: “So powerful? I don’t know if he is extraordinary enough. Can one punch kill the supreme power of the True Saint Dojo?”
/Of course, he still