ray and white for various reasons.

After joining the gray and white, he quickly fell into depravity, colluded with others, and so on.
Wei Xiaobei was also bored. The focus of his chat and discussion with the giant whale operator was the giant whale at his feet.
Well, whales are originally giant mammals in the ocean.
Anyone who has been to elementary school probably knows this.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei knew that the Latin name of whale was derived from the Greek word “sea monster”, which shows the ancient people’s awe for whales, this giant ocean beast.
Well, to be precise, whale is a very broad term.
From various whales and dolphins living in the ocean to the Baiji dolphins living in rivers, they all belong to the whale range.
The largest blue whale is 33 meters long and weighs 200 tons, while the smallest porpoise is only 1.4 meters and weighs only 50 kilograms.
However, the whale under Wei Xiaobei’s feet was sixty meters long and weighed more than 700 tons according to visual inspection.
The whale operator lovingly introduced the whale to Wei Xiaobei as Alice, a little girl, only 15 years old.
Well, one conclusion can be drawn from this alone.
This whale is not yet an adult. If it waits until it reaches adulthood, its size will probably grow to nearly 200 meters!
And Wei Xiaobei looked at the attribute table of this whale.
/Compared with the Norwegian sea monster, this giant whale is naturally much weaker, a three-star elite, but it has a trace of the blood of Poseidon, the god of the sea!
Therefore, this giant whale does not seem to have a very good relationship with the Norwegian sea monster. Even the huge seahorse following behind is somewhat afraid of this whale.
This is also normal.
For this kind of giant beast, guys of similar size are all competitors. Either one surrenders to the other, or they don’t like each other. Since the blood of both sides is considered noble, there may be a fight at any time. possible.
After all, Poseidon is the god of the sea in Greek mythology, and the Kraken is the terrifying sea monster in Norse mythology! It is perfectly normal for both parties to dislike each other.
As for the huge seahorse at the back, although it is three-star terrifying, it does not have any magical blood, it is just a mutation in the gray world.
It had to be said that Wei Xiaobei was a little impressed by the vision of this gray-white organization.
/Not to mention what will happen between the gray world and reality in the future, but just looking at the current situation, I am afraid that there will soon be no more passenger planes flying in the sky.
Compared with fighter jets, passenger planes are too bulky and have no self-defense capabilities. Once the number of monsters in the sky increases, the interruption of most routes will become a reality.
But after that, it’s hard to say.
Once passenger planes are banned from taking off in most areas, the ocean will become extremely important.
In fact, from the Age of Discovery to the present, the ocean has always been a cheap transportation ch