have been comprehensively improved, and the benefits are not just that. Vision, hand flexibility, etc. have also been improved.

Speaking of visual acuity alone, the visual acuity brought about by 13 o’clock hand-eye coordination is probably equivalent to the visual acuity of an excellent sniper.
There are 180 evolution points left, where should I invest them?
Wei Xiaobei’s steps became slower. Huang Dajun stared at Wei Xiaobei again, but soon lowered his head and followed behind, not knowing what he was thinking.
Of course, in Huang Dajun’s view, the hatred for seizing his wife is irreconcilable. Just from Huang Dajun’s drooping and twisted face and squirming mouth, you can know that he really hates Wei Xiaobei to the bone. .
To say that these 180 evolution points are very few, it is so small that if you invest in any branch attribute, it is difficult to have a strong effect.
Investing in skills?
Wei Xiaobei’s attention swept over the skills one by one, shooting (with some success), military boxing (with some success), electrician (beginner), Bajiquan (proficient), fishing (beginner) Tao), Three Emperors Cannon Beat (Beginner to Tao).
There are six skills in total.
No way, with the proficient Bajiquan, putting evolution points into the Three Emperors Cannon will not have any effect for a while, but it will be a waste of evolution points.
/Not to mention Military Boxing, it is directly excluded.
Fishing and electricianship can only be regarded as life skills for the time being, so they are excluded!
Shooting seems to be somewhat useful in reality, but not very useful. After all, it is very difficult to obtain guns and weapons in reality. Besides, with Wei Xiaobei’s current skills, even for committing adultery Breaking the law can be done without a gun.
In this way, all skills are eliminated.
Wei Xiaobei’s attention then fell on the special ability of releasing electric current.
This special ability was of considerable help to Wei Xiaobei in the early days, but now due to the limited intensity of voltage and current, Wei Xiaobei rarely uses this special ability, and relies on full bursts of current. Even if you try to improve it with one move, it won’t be able to improve the movement very much.
This special ability is both powerful and weak.
Its power lies in the fact that if the enemy relies on bioelectricity to transmit instructions from the brain to the body and cannot resist the intrusion of the current, then in front of Wei Xiaobei he will be paralyzed by the influence of the current, thereby losing part or all of his resistance.
The weakness lies in the fact that if the enemy ignores this current, Wei Xiaobei will lose this trump card.
In fact, since entering the gray world until now, there are not many monsters that ignore Wei Xiaobei’s special ability, but there are some.
For example, zombies, tree spirits, etc.
As for the White Mist Dragon Horse, Long Bo’s people, etc., Wei Xiaobei didn’t know if they were useful, but even if they were useful, they probably wouldn’t have much effect.
/But t