“Husband, don’t you still believe me now?”
Tu Qingqing’s soft body immediately leaned forward, his hands around Wei Xiaobei’s neck, and his body pressed tightly against Wei Xiaobei’s back.
“I believe in you, absolutely!”
At this point, if Wei Xiaobei could still hold it in, he would no longer be a man.
/When he got up early the next morning, Wei Xiaobei looked at the broken waterbed, the cracked floor again, and several human marks on the wall, and couldn’t help but sigh.
He felt that he should not live in this villa anymore, otherwise, the villa might be completely destroyed one day.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei has not forgotten the instigator.
After breakfast, Wei Xiaobei called aside Li Lanxing, Zhang Tiantian, Zhu Xinyi and other women who had had considerable contact with Tu Qingqing, and questioned them carefully.
Obviously, all fools know that it will never be a male disciple or man who teaches Tu Qingqing to use online forums. They don’t have the guts yet.
Eventually, the culprit was caught.
/Bamboo Xinyi!
Looking at Zhu Xinyi, who was a little confused and thought she had caused some trouble, with a guilty look on her face, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but want to use a sentence, “Young lady, why did you want to lead my wife to evil!”
Even the Nine-Tailed Fox Fairy has accessed the Internet and learned Internet lingo. Is this world still the same as before?
But before Wei Xiaobei could figure out how to punish Zhu Xinyi, things happened.
Zhu Xinyi’s cell phone rang. The port manager said that officials from the Land Department of the Kingdom of Leusnia had arrived at the port.
Wei Xiaobei knew that this was the last step in purchasing the island. He would work with officials from the Ministry of Land and Resources to determine the location, area and other data of the island. Only after Wei Xiaobei signed without objection would it be included in the database of the Ministry of Land and Resources of the Kingdom of Liusnia. Change the owner’s name to Wei Xiaobei and complete the transfer.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needed to accompany him.
“I’ll take care of you when I come back!”
Wei Xiaobei pretended to be evil and whispered something in Zhu Xinyi’s ear, which finally got rid of the little anger in his heart.
But as soon as Wei Xiaobei left, Li Lanxing and the other girls surrounded Zhu Xinyi and started teasing her.
When Zhu Xinyi heard that I’ll deal with you when I come back, she couldn’t help but think of what happened last time. Maybe she misunderstood Wei Xiaobei’s meaning. She blushed for a while, which confirmed the suspicions of Li Lanxing and other women.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t even know what happened when he left. He hurried to the port, exchanged a few words with officials from the Ministry of Land and Resources, and then boarded the ship to the newly purchased island.
However, Wei Xiaobei encountered a little trouble while heading to the newly purchased island.
I don’t know if the official is sharp-eyed or for some reason. He pointed to the giant turtle island formed by the turtle