has mouthparts, but its size is much larger than those black beetles the size of a finger.

Each beetle is larger than two human fists!
Wei Xiaobei used his big gun to lightly tap into the insect tide and hit a beetle. The beetle then exploded. Wei Xiaobei obtained the names of these insects by describing the battle.
/Battle description: You encounter a one-star elite creature, the Scarab Descendant. Kill the Scarab Descendant.
Descendants of the Scarab!
Wei Xiaobei suddenly had thousands of thoughts in his mind and found the origin of this scarab.
Whether in reality or in myths and legends, scarabs exist.
In reality, the so-called scarabs are the famous dung beetles. They feed on excrement all day long and make a huge contribution to the cycle and renewal of nature. It goes without saying.
In the myths and legends of Egypt and other places, the scarab is a creature born from death.
In ancient times, when Egyptian pharaohs were buried, their hearts would be replaced by mysterious stones inlaid with scarabs, in the hope that the pharaohs could be reborn from death like scarabs.
Among the sacred objects of Christianity, the Christ Scarab is also a very high-end sacred object. It is said that when Jesus was crucified and nailed to the cross, the small beetle in his hand was contaminated with the holy blood, thus possessing powerful holy power!
In short, being able to be labeled with a holy word is something extraordinary.
These beetles, which surge forward like a tide, can be seen from their names as descendants of the scarab beetles.
Wei Xiaobei actually gained 5 evolution points after killing a one-star elite creature!
Don’t underestimate these 5 evolution points, and don’t think that a one-star elite creature with only 5 evolution points is not worth it.
You must know that although this scarab descendant is a one-star elite creature, it is still a bug. Each black beetle that emerges from the green lake earns 0.25 evolution points. This shows how high the income of this scarab descendant is. .
Of course, Wei Xiaobei could feel that even though he didn’t use much force with the previous shot, he felt huge elasticity when it hit the descendant of the scarab.
You must know that the power of Wei Xiaobei’s shot is not small for ordinary people, at least it was a full blow.
/In other words, if it were an ordinary adult, he would be able to kill a scarab descendant with one full blow.
Compared to the black beetles emerging from the green lake, these scarab descendants are much more powerful.
However, Wei Xiaobei had no time to think about any more issues at this time.
After Wei Xiaobei’s attack, those scarab descendants suddenly sped up. Their originally slow crawling sped up several times. In a few breaths, they crawled to Wei Xiaobei’s feet. There were even a few scarab descendants. Having already climbed up along Wei Xiaobei’s somewhat tattered trousers, one of the scarab descendants came into contact with Wei Xiaobei’s skin. Without any hesitation, it opened its big jaws and took a vicious bite towards