eat, etc.

Of course, what caught Zhang Desheng’s attention the most was the world’s leaves.
With an area of ??over twenty square meters, this is still the smallest one!
To be honest, Zhang Desheng turned around in his mind several times, but he didn’t even think about what kind of plant leaves these were.
In the end, Zhang Desheng could only classify it as the mysterious material found by Wei Xiaobei.
In any case, Zhang Desheng is overjoyed. To be honest, unlike those young researchers, Zhang Desheng does not value money at all when his research funds are guaranteed. What he values ????is the pleasure when the research is successful and the excitement during the research process. joy.
For this reason, Zhang Desheng even forgot to say hello to Wei Xiaobei. He took a small piece from the world leaf and prepared to go back to study.
But Wei Xiaobei stopped the enthusiastic Zhang Desheng and reminded him to send people to build a scientific research observation station in the forest to the north.
“There are some trees planted on the north side of Weijia Island. Is there anything worth observing?”
Zhang Desheng felt a little puzzled by Wei Xiaobei’s request. For him now, those ordinary tropical plants were nothing at all. Only these materials in the research institute had research value!
Wei Xiaobei could only tell about the black blood lake. Of course, he didn’t go into details. He just said that the black blood lake should have some evolutionary influence on the surrounding creatures.
/Zhang Desheng was somewhat interested in Wei Xiaobei’s introduction. Apart from the Black Blood Lake, the so-called blood man, a strange life form, was the most attractive to him.
But after Zhang Desheng thought for a while, he had to say with some regret that there were not enough manpower just to study the current materials. How about establishing another scientific research observation station? Might as well split him in half and put half on each side.
After all, something like a scientific research observatory cannot be filled with just a few ordinary researchers. It also needs to carry out relevant experiments, and if there is not a heavyweight expert with considerable knowledge guarding it, it is impossible to develop How many things come from.
When Zhang Desheng said this, Wei Xiaobei scratched his head a little.
Wei Xiaobei actually wrote invitation letters to many universities, inviting some experts and scholars with considerable attainments in biology to come over.
But maybe Wei Xiaobei’s Biological Research Institute is too unknown. At least until now, no experts and scholars with enough weight have accepted the invitation. All those who came are ordinary researchers, well, all because of the generous salary. .
However, I think this is normal. After all, there are too many institutions like the Institute of Biology around the world.
There are many in various universities, plus those seed companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc., those experts and scholars who have some weight are simply not enough.
After all,