wider and wider. She didn’t know how many times of double cultivation it would take to catch up.

“It’s so dangerous. I almost broke the secret realm with too much force.”
Lu Bei wiped cold sweat with lingering fear. Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, he waved his hand again with dissatisfaction, opened the hidden passage in the void, stepped into it and disappeared.
Hu San and She Xuan followed closely behind, and the sky and the earth were spinning, the sky and the earth changed direction, the black sky turned into the vast black earth, and the starry sky was spectacular.
Lu Bei looked intently and saw that the stars and the ocean were all phantoms. His mind spread and he quickly caught the figure of the old Taoist.
Golden light spreads across the sky.
When Hu San and She Zhang arrived, Lao Dao was no longer alive. He walked very quickly and left no ashes. Only the experience of Lu Bei’s inventory increased, and he paid homage to such a person who had struggled.
The battle ended quickly, and the old Taoist didn’t even take a single sword. Of course, his experience in determining the kill was average, but the reminder to complete the hidden mission made Lu Bei frown deeply.
[You completed the hidden mission: Gravekeeper and gained 5 million experience]
It’s the gravekeeper again!
/Lu Bei’s face was solemn, and he vaguely remembered that Zhiyuan was a tombkeeper in the secret realm of Sishen Lake, and he was killed by him for plotting to leave the Suzaku treasure.
Still asking the same question, what exactly is the Gravekeepers organization?
“What’s wrong, Lu Bei, is something wrong?”
“I haven’t done anything right so far in my practice. I just can’t figure out some things.”
Lu Bei murmured a few words, then shook his head: “Forget it, it doesn’t matter if you can’t figure it out for the moment. There is no need to force it. You can think about it after some time.”
“That’s it?”
“Just forgot.”
After encountering the so-called tombkeeper twice, Lu Bei felt that he had discovered a hidden mission. There was a mysterious organization hiding in the world with unknown purpose, unknown motives, and a huge conspiracy.
Under the starry sky, the sky is round.
The earth is dotted with Cishan mountains, which are cascading and undulating, like the motionless raging waves on the black ocean.
At the main peak, the black mountains roar in the wind, resembling a mighty divine beast. The surrounding yin energy is so strong that it is so dark that it is impossible to identify its true appearance.
Lu Bei used his magical power, but could not see anything clearly for a while. He could only see the beast’s ferocious figure, its ink-like beard and hair dancing, and it had an indescribable pressure.
If it were other demon cultivators who saw this sacred mountain, they would definitely bow down and bow down because of the suppressed bloodline. However, the three of them in Lu Bei said it was okay. In terms of bloodline, who is not an elder brother, so who are they trying to scare?
“There is reall