his master, Tian Yuwen took it a little lightly. As a result, the appearance of the black beetle made him embarrassed.

Countless black beetles emerged from the ash piles on both sides and crawled all over him.
At this time, Tian Yuwen’s sword skills were useless, and he finally rolled and crawled, rushing through the rows of ash piles before getting rid of the black beetles.
To say that the defense of Tian Yuwen’s skin is much stronger now than before, it is really difficult for these black beetles to bite through his skin.
But even so, Tian Yuwen still had a lot of redness and swelling from the bites.
There’s nothing you can do about it. There are too many bugs. They swarm up and cover your whole body. If Tian Yuwen hadn’t reacted quickly, the little penis underneath might have been bitten and swollen.
When Tian Yuwen came to his senses from the panic, he saw that his master was neatly dressed, with not a single bug on his body, and his clothes were not damaged at all.
On the contrary, Tian Yuwen’s clothes and pants were chewed out with countless holes, and he looked like a beggar.
“Master, are you okay?”
Tian Yuwen was really surprised. Based on the number of bugs before, they were overwhelmingly coming, and no matter how powerful Wei Xiaobei was, there was no way he could dodge them.
But before Wei Xiaobei could answer, a few bugs crawled out of the ash pile on the roadside. They wanted to crawl onto Wei Xiaobei’s feet, but before they could get close enough to wait for the bugs to climb up, Wei Xiaobei was shocked. A layer of transparent air wall immediately surged out, and the bugs seemed to hit a spring and were bounced out in the blink of an eye.
Just as these bugs were bounced away, their slightly hard bodies also made a slight explosion and exploded instantly.
/This is?
Seeing Tian Yuwen’s extremely surprised look, Wei Xiaobei laughed and gave him a little nudge: “When your martial arts reaches the level of Gang Jin, this will almost be the case.”
Gang Jin? ! !
After Tian Yuwen became a disciple of Wei Xiaobeimen, he also learned a lot about the divisions of martial arts realms and so on.
I know that the realm of Chinese martial arts is divided into Ming Jin, Dark Jin, and Hua Jin.
As for Gang Jin, Tian Yuwen only knew a little bit about it, but he also knew that after stepping into Gang Jin, he could be called a great master of Chinese martial arts.
In short, Tian Yuwen has just stepped into An Jin, and Hua Jin has not seen any shadow. As for Gang Jin, Tian Yuwen can only say haha ??for the time being.
Tian Yuwen himself knew that if he wanted to be able to control Qi outside his body like his master, it would probably take quite some time.
But having said that, Tian Yuwen was still very excited.
The heart of Granite Man is really too strong.
If it had been before, Tian Yuwen would have been chewed into a pile of bones by so many bugs crawling on his body. How could he still be as alive and kicking as he is now, without even a single scar on his body.
In any case, Tian Yuwen’s current