by, more and more shrimps, soldiers and crabs will emerge from the huge whirlpool.

Even if those generals were able to crush these shrimp soldiers and crab generals with their own strength before, as time goes by, their physical strength is also exhausted.
Under the constant impact of those shrimp soldiers and crab generals, they had to form a formation and retreat slowly.
However, there was not much distance they could retreat to. Not far behind them was the magma that was flooding again.
No matter how powerful these generals are, there is no way they can bathe in magma like Wei Xiaobei.
As a result, these generals are in crisis.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei saw what was happening below, and simply dragged the white dragon downwards. When it was about to hit the huge wave, he turned around and recoiled upwards.
The white dragon originally planned to control its body, but he never expected that when Wei Xiaobei gently pulled the fishing line, the white dragon could no longer control its rapidly falling body and watched as it hit the ground. On top of the huge whirlpool.
There was a loud bang, and the huge whirlpool that was slowly rotating was stopped in an instant. The shrimp soldiers and crab generals that surged out from the huge whirlpool were instantly smashed to pieces by the impact of the white dragon, and turned into pieces heading towards Meat sauce splattered all around.
However, that’s all.
After a few breaths, the huge vortex rotates again, and shrimps, soldiers and crabs will once again pour out in an endless stream.
Just when Wei Xiaobei was about to think of a way to knock the white dragon into the huge whirlpool again, bang! A loud noise came again.
Wei Xiaobei turned around and saw that it was Zhao Yun!
I don’t know when he knocked the black dragon down. The black dragon hit the huge whirlpool with its head, causing the huge whirlpool to stop again.
Even before the huge whirlpool started to spin again and the black dragon shook its head and soared into the sky, Zhao Yun was shocked and knocked the black dragon down with another shot.
The only problem was that the thunder and lightning spewed out by the black dragon also hit Zhao Yun, electrifying Zhao Yun’s whole body into darkness.
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei knew that if this continued, Zhao Yun might not be able to bear it.
After thinking about it, the big ink gun in Wei Xiaobei’s hand suddenly changed. It shone with light and turned into a pair of fist gloves in a few breaths.
Wei Xiaobei put on his fist gloves and rushed towards the white dragon.
/It must be said that the white dragon’s endurance is indeed worse than that of the black dragon. After being hit like this, it just shook its huge dragon head and flew into the sky.
However, this white dragon hated Wei Xiaobei to the core. When he saw Wei Xiaobei coming towards him, the huge dragon tail swung over to give Wei Xiaobei a good look.
/But what the white dragon never expected was that before the dragon’s tail came into contact with Wei Xiaobei, Wei Xiaobei exerted force with hi