“No problem, I’ll take care of it!”
As soon as he thought of it, Ao Yan selected some materials from Wei Xiaobei’s storage ring, then breathed out dragon fire, wrapped the materials inside, and refined them.
/Ao Yan refined these things much faster than Wei Xiaobei. In less than ten minutes, the dragon fire was sucked back by Ao Yan.
As the dragon fire dispersed, a ball of fiery red thread appeared in mid-air, with a small fishhook at the end.
Is this good?
Wei Xiaobei took the ball of fiery red silk thread in his hand and looked at Ao Yan: “No fishing rod?”
Who goes fishing with only fishing lines and hooks, but no fishing rods?
Ao Yan laughed: “Just use your big gun as a fishing rod. Your materials are not good enough. Even if you make it into a fishing rod, it won’t be able to withstand the power of the struggling hybrid dragon. But if you can catch a hybrid dragon, If you are a dragon, I can help you refine better fishing lines and hooks.”
What are these words?
If the fishing rod cannot be used behind the wall, can the fishing line be able to withstand it?
Wei Xiaobei muttered a few words in his mind, activated All Things Knowledge, and stared at the fishing line in his hand.
That’s it, this guy.
After seeing the attribute table of the fishing line, Wei Xiaobei understood.
This fishing line has no name, but it has a special ability. It can use the tenacity of the fishing rod to improve its toughness to prevent it from being pulled off.
In other words, the stronger the fishing rod, the stronger the fishing line, and the fishhook has the ability to escape before the fishing line breaks.
Of course, this does not mean that the fishing line cannot break. There is no way that the fishing line can be compared with the ink gun. But even so, after the fishing line is hung on the ink gun, its toughness will increase to a considerable level. high degree.
From this point of view, Ao Yan’s method is quite reliable.
The ink gun is no ordinary treasure. If you want to destroy it, it must be a more advanced weapon!
After the fishing line is lifted by the ink gun, it may be more difficult for the hybrid dragons to break it.
Wei Xiaobei was eager to go to the beach to test his newly promoted fishing skills, and then said goodbye to Ao Yan.
Ao Yan held Wei Xiaobei and warned him for a while before letting him go.
Although the hybrid dragons in the South Sea Dragon Palace are not real dragons, just hybrids, they are also the sons of real dragons. In the ocean, apart from real dragons, they can be considered the boss.
Therefore, Ao Yan was really worried that Wei Xiaobei was not careful and missed the fish, but was killed by those hybrid dragons instead.
After bidding farewell to Ao Yan, Wei Xiaobei returned to the military camp. While bidding farewell to Zhao Yun, he was entrusted with two tasks.
The first task is to accompany the captain of the fishing camp Zhao Tong and his deputy Yang Xiaowei, and take a group of his assistants to the seaside to take up their posts.
/After all, this group of