Chaofan’s status in the Interstellar Federation is extremely high, but this status is also related to his own strength. Without powerful equipment, Chaofan will only be reduced to the worship of big forces.

It sounds nice to say it’s an offering, but it’s actually just a thug.
The big forces pay a certain price, and the extraordinary worshipers take action to solve the troubles for the big forces. Sometimes they provide protection, and sometimes they eliminate their opponents.
Matthew Chaofan and the other six Extraordinaries all came from ordinary backgrounds and did not have much background. Some forces invested in them, and luck made them become Extraordinaries. However, the forces that invested in them had limited wealth and could not provide them with more Extraordinaries. resource.
After the six extraordinarys got to know each other, they formed a extraordinary combat team specializing in major cases. This allowed them to accumulate third-level weapons and a good set of ‘extraordinary armor’.
After developing the habit of snatching means to obtain resources, the six extraordinary pairs no longer care about becoming the worshipers of the forces and slowly obtaining resources.
This time they heard that there were a large number of weapons with alchemical patterns appearing on the Origin Star, and they were excited.
/Matthew Chaofan and the others have heard of the reputation of General David. The ‘Federal God of War’ is famous among the extraordinary, but Admiral David is too far away from low-level transcendental people like them. It seems that Admiral David is no different from the rest of the top supernatural beings.
If Admiral David is here this time, or if the security here is strong enough, Matthew Chaofan and they will not take action.
Ma Taichaofan looked at the five hundred alchemy-patterned weapons placed here, and his heart was burning. He didn’t need too many, as long as he could snatch a few of them, it would be enough for him to exchange for a large amount of training resources.
But he was not in a hurry. He looked at the security defense on the first floor. It might be because there were too many people on the first floor. The security defense here was very tight. Many extraordinary people were patrolling the first floor. In addition, some soldiers were hidden and could be seen at any time. Will appear to maintain order.
Matthew Chaofan made a gesture and walked towards the second floor.
As soon as he entered the second floor, Matthew Chaofan felt the blood in his body boiling. He saw fifty fourth-level alchemy pattern weapons.
What is this concept? Matthew Chaofan has never seen more than ten level 4 alchemy pattern weapons in his life. Every Chaofan who has a level 4 alchemy pattern weapon is someone he looks up to.
At this time, the other five extraordinary people also came up separately, and they were all shocked by what they saw.
Matthew Chaofan still had a trace of sanity. He observed the security protection around him and found that in addition to the ten staff explaining to cu