alone a legend like the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’, even a demigod cannot easily escape the confinement of the magic circle.

The ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ struggled crazily, trying to escape from the confinement of his left forelimb.
/But the power coming from the left forelimb not only did not decrease due to its struggle, but became stronger and stronger.
A ‘click’ sound came from the junction between the insect body of the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ and the periphery of the space door.
That was the sound of a legendary-level insect shell being forcibly squeezed and cracked. As the left forelimb was forcibly pulled to this side by a huge force, the part where the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ insect shell contacted the space door began to break.
The ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ wanted to disconnect his left forelimb and separate it from the insect body, but the huge force was extremely weird, causing the left forelimb to be tightly connected to the insect body.
‘Crack’, amidst the continuous crackling sounds, the shell of the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ had an obvious indentation.
The ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ understood that it was trying to force its body through the space door.
Just think about the consequences if its one-hundred-meter-tall body is forced through a twenty-meter-tall space door.
There is no need to think about the consequences of being pulled over to face the enemy. Just talk about how the insect body will be damaged in the process of being pulled over.
“Help me!” The ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ had no choice but to ask for help from the Legendary Zerg on the side.
Two legendary level bugs stepped forward and grabbed the body of the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not stop the pulling force from the other side.
The pulling speed was not fast, but it was very even. The body of the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ was pulled over little by little.
Green insect blood flowed out from the broken part of the insect shell, making the onlookers feel chills.
What kind of power is needed to force the legendary level ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ to be like this without any resistance.
The five huge temples are actually five weapons of war, driven by the power of faith.
The ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ is equivalent to fighting against five powerful gods at the same time. You can imagine the consequences.
It took a full ten minutes for the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ to be pulled over. It kept screaming. No matter what methods the Zerg next to it used, they could not prevent its fate.
All Zerg understand that there can only be gods on the other side, and only gods can have such great power.
On the side of the Divine World, Speaker Gould and the soldiers of the Interstellar Federation saw the tragic scene of the ‘Purple Flame Beetle King’ being pulled over at close range.
Speaker Gould’s eyes were wandering, and there was currently an emotion within the Templars, a yearning for strength beyond level five.
In the past, although there were rumors of realms above lev