eventually perished in the sea.

Next, the islands fell one by one.
In less than three days, one-third of the islands in the Great Reef Country were lost.
According to reports from reconnaissance planes sent by the country, no living people can be seen on these occupied islands.
/In fact, this is also true.
/You know, although the Dajiao Country is a maritime agricultural country, its economy is pretty good, and its people are not primitive people. 80% of the people own electronic products such as mobile phones.
Since the fall of these islands, there have been basically no phone calls. This shows that there are really not many living people on these islands.
The Dajiao Country is a small country, not a major military power. The largest warship is only a 1,300-ton frigate. This is free military aid from China.
In short, at this time, the Dajiao Country could no longer hold back and had to seek help from other countries.
Well, to be clear, relations between most neighboring countries in the world are not very good.
Isn’t there an old saying in China?
Fragrant from far away and smelly from near!
The meaning of this sentence is very simple. The closer the person is and the more contacts they have, the more likely it is that the relationship will be damaged and conflicts will arise. However, if the person is far away, the relationship will not be too bad.
In fact, this sentence is indeed consistent with many things in reality.
Take Leusnia and the Great Reef Country as an example. The two countries are close to each other, but the relationship between the two countries is not good and there are many frictions.
One island in particular is Lesnia, which the Great Reef Nation claims as its own.
Of course, to put it bluntly, this island is a small island created by the eruption of a submarine volcano in the sea between the two countries more than 20 years ago. It is not large in area, only more than 200 square meters.
To be honest, such a small island has no water and no vegetation. It is completely a small desert island isolated on the sea.
But the problem is that this is an island, not a reef hidden under the sea!
Therefore, whoever owns this island will be able to obtain the territorial sea, contiguous zone and exclusive economic zone attached to the island, and have the jurisdiction to fish, develop mineral deposits, etc. in this sea area of ??more than 100,000 square kilometers. right!
This has considerable economic benefits.
Of course, it was Lusnia who first discovered this island, so Lusnia obtained the territorial rights of this island.
However, this small island is closer to the Big Reef State, so the Big Reef State also claims the territorial rights of this small island and sends patrol boats to the island in an attempt to build a sovereignty monument on it.
Naturally, Liusnia was not happy with the behavior of the Great Reef Country and directly intercepted its patrol ship.
As a result, the two countries faced off, and the friction suddenly increased. It can be said that the two sides were i