reporters from Tianzhu.

The top leaders of Tianzhu Kingdom are still swearing to declare how many monsters they have destroyed.
Although the specific results may not be as brilliant as described in the news, it is at least certain that many Gandharvas were killed by the Tianzhu military.
Perhaps this is the reason why this Gandharva appears here.
In any case, Wei Xiaobei had already rushed towards the Gandharva at this time. The big bow in his hand had been steadily drawn halfway, and an ordinary arrow was placed on the bow string.
Know all things!
Just after the distance between the two parties narrowed to a thousand meters, Wei Xiaobei activated the omniscience and locked his eyes on the Gandharva at the end!
Name: Danagan, Maya food.
Race: Gandharva.
/Gender: Husband and wife.
Creature level: Three-star horror.
Introduction: Danagan and Maya are a relatively common couple in Gandharva. They are the same husband and wife. They have superb musical talents. They like to pursue scents and are good at playing music to confuse the enemy.
Weaknesses: Fragrance.
Attributes: (omitted)
Skills: Lyre playing, flying.
Special ability: Confused Sound.
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
Possessed item: lyre.
Well, one thing that needs to be explained is that when Wei Xiaobei saw the attribute table of this Gandharva clearly, he couldn’t help but be a little surprised.
The gender of this Gandharva really surprised Wei Xiaobei.
Husband and wife?
No wonder it has two names, one is Danagan and the other Maya.
I think Nadanagan is the wife, and Maya Shi is the husband.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei was shocked by the introduction of this Gandharva, but he did not pause at all. When its attribute table appeared in his sight, he released the bowstring with his right hand, and with a swish sound, the bowstring The arrow broke through the air and shot towards Nagandharva quickly!
/Undoubtedly, Wei Xiaobei’s omniscience made that gandharva aware of the danger!
But under the effect of the omniscience that directly peered into the soul, Gandharva’s body became temporarily stiff.
At this time, the temporary stiffness of the body undoubtedly made it difficult for Gandharva to escape the incoming arrow!
But what Wei Xiaobei never expected was that when the arrow was about to hit the opponent, the Gandharva’s body recovered, and then her right fingers quickly plucked the strings of the lyre!
The next moment, a scene appeared that stunned Wei Xiaobei.
The arrow that was about to hit Gandharva seemed to have been given an ecstasy soup. It suddenly slowed down and finally changed its direction and fell softly towards the sea!
What the hell is going on?
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei felt like he was hallucinating, but there was no description of being attacked by illusions in the battle description.
There is no doubt that the Gandharva who was almost shot directly into the chest by an arrow made the Gandharva very angry. Therefore, after using weird means to make the arrow miss its target, the Gandharv