ody reached the level of a three-star elite!

But Wei Xiaobei could also see that although the three fires had become extremely strong, such a momentum could not last for long!
If nothing else happens, this big fat man’s momentum can only be maintained for three months at most!
After three months, its three fires will be weakened to the extreme.
/To put it simply, all its vitality and fortune have been unleashed. In this way, whether it is lifespan, good luck, or luck, it will end in three months. Its best end is death. If If you are not lucky, even his soul may be extracted!
However, the method of modifying the three fires really surprised Wei Xiaobei.
This Five Mind God is not simple!
Especially when the big fat man blessed the believers with holy water, he actually slightly changed the fortune of the three fires of those believers!
Of course, the consequences for this believer will not be as bad as that of the big fat man. It is just that the initial fortune and good fortune increase, and then bad luck takes possession of him and he will be unlucky for several years.
However, if it were replaced by the previous peaceful era, such bad luck would not have much impact. At most, some money would be lost, family discord and other problems would arise.
But in these chaotic times, being possessed by bad luck is tantamount to seeking death.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t lament for these believers, he was just wary of the Five Mind God’s methods.
/Based on Wei Xiaobei’s previous idea, he was to go out directly, destroy the statue, force the Five Intention God out, and kill him directly!
But now, Wei Xiaobei felt that he needed to act more cautiously, otherwise, if he was not careful and was swayed by the Five Mind God, he would be in bad luck.
Wei Xiaobei also didn’t know how the Five Intentions Spirit was used to influence fortune, so he needed to be more cautious.
But there was a lot of orange smoke gathered on the statue, which was the power of the incense gathered by the statue. Apart from the color, it didn’t look much different from the power of faith.
The places where the power of incense and the power of faith are generated are somewhat different. The power of faith mainly emerges from the heads of believers, while the power of incense comes from when believers insert incense candles into the incense burner when they pray. Spawned from burning incense candles.
Obviously, the burning incense candle and the prayers of believers are both indispensable. Without either, it is impossible to produce the power of incense.
Moreover, the power of incense made Wei Xiaobei feel slightly uncomfortable, probably due to the large amount of emotional desires contained in the power of incense.
After that, Wei Xiaobei found a nearby abandoned high-rise building, climbed up, and chose a good position so that he could keep an eye on the movements of the abandoned construction site at any time.
As the night gets darker, the number of believers who come to burn incense gradually decreases.
Finally, the last believer left, and the