ice was a little blurry, but Wei Xiaobei could slightly sense the situation around the priest, who was praying in front of an altar.

Wei Xiaobei was somewhat interested in being able to find out what the believers were feeling through the faith connection.
Not long after, the priest finished his prayer, stood up and left the altar.
When the priest stopped, several voices rushed over.
“Master Priest, save my brother, Master Priest!”
“Lord Priest”
Amidst the complicated sounds, the priest saw the middle-aged man being carried. A large hole was opened in his abdomen, and most of his intestines were exposed, which was covered with grass clippings, dirt and other dirt.
Obviously, with the current chaotic situation in Japan, even if there are doctors in the base, the lack of necessary drugs makes those doctors useless.
/Especially for wounds like this, without antibiotics, even if they are sutured, they may become infected and die immediately.
The priest did not refuse these people’s request, and followed them to the medical center. After the doctor cleaned and sutured the wound, the priest stretched out his right hand, placed it on the middle-aged man’s abdomen, and whispered: “May my Lord… The light heals your wounds!”
Just when this voice sounded, Wei Xiaobei found that a trace of power was drawn out of his body. In an instant, a white light shone on the priest’s right hand and fell on the middle-aged man’s abdominal wound.
Suddenly, there was a sound of praise to the Sun God in the ward.
When the white light dissipated, the priest looked down at the wound and was secretly surprised.
Most of the wound that was more than 30 centimeters long has recovered!
The priest is very familiar with the magic he releases. In the past, even if a wound like this was sutured, using a healing spell on his own would at best heal the wound inside and remove some infected germs.
But now, with one healing spell, the effect will be several times that of before!
This made the priest feel ecstatic. Could it be that the Sun God saw my piety?
Of course, from Wei Xiaobei’s perspective, there are too many such situations.
Wei Xiaobei probably understood a little bit about this.
This is the magic that the gods truly bestow upon the priests. Compared with the magic that was previously given by statues of gods from various places, the magic that is bestowed by the real Sun God is undoubtedly much more powerful.
Of course, in this case, as long as those priests release their magic, the sun possessed by Wei Xiaobei will lose a little bit of its power.
After such superposition, the consumption of the sun is still very large.
But the sun’s belief gains are no longer what they used to be.
Previously, the power of faith was absorbed by the statues of gods in various places, and then Wei Xiaobei manually harvested the grown divinity and poured it into the fire ball.
However, now Wei Xiaobei could feel the power of faith from those believers flowing into the sun along the faith connection.
This makes the sun’s income far exceed it