does not dare to use too much world authority. Put it down on him.

Well, in ancient Chinese mythology, stories such as Nine Suns Shining in the Sky and Hou Yi Shooting the Sun fully illustrate the terrifying destructive power of naughty children.
Of course, some people will say, there is nothing to be afraid of when the green cow is here.
/Not to mention that Qing Niu was recuperating from his injuries in the Qingmu Paradise. Wei Xiaobei could not ask his master to take action whenever something happened. Besides, after Qing Niu recovered from his injuries, he probably would not stay in the Qingmu Paradise forever.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei needed to maintain a standing armed force in Qingmu Paradise to prepare for some unexpected situations.
For example, some relatively weak monsters invaded the Aoki Paradise, or the evolved monsters in the basin escaped.
/These things need to be handled by someone.
And Zhao Yun’s army is undoubtedly the best choice!
And, this can be considered a win-win situation.
Wei Xiaobei’s Aoki Paradise needs someone to guard it, and the benefits that Zhao Yun’s army gained after entering the Aoki Paradise naturally do not need to be described too much.
Just think about it and you will know that Zhao Yun has been holding back the bottleneck for so long and broke through as soon as he entered the Aoki Blessed Land. This fully illustrates the characteristics of the Aoki Blessed Land.
In fact, after knowing that they could enter the Aoki Paradise, the generals and even the soldiers who had experienced the rich aura of the Aoki Paradise cheered one after another.
Even a fool knows that this Aoki Blessed Land is much better than the Great Plains.
The only problem in Zhao Yun’s mind is that once the army enters the Qingmu Paradise, from a certain perspective, it can be said that there will be no enemies left.
This is equivalent to releasing Manan Mountain and disarming the soldiers.
Any army without enemies, even if it is unparalleled and invincible in the world, will quickly corrupt, degenerate, or lose its original military soul in a short period of time.
In reality, many countries know this truth, which is why they set up so many imaginary enemies, conduct constant military exercises, or provoke disputes in some areas and take the opportunity to intervene to achieve the purpose of training troops.
After learning about Zhao Yun’s worries, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but laugh.
After the diameter of the Aoki Paradise expanded to 150 kilometers, Wei Xiaobei now had some confidence in the Aoki Paradise.
At least, if there are any beings who enter the Aoki Paradise, the Aoki Paradise will be able to have certain defense capabilities.
In fact, a world’s own defense capabilities are closely related to its size.
If only a slightly more powerful existence with a diameter of several thousand meters or tens of thousands of meters like the original Aoki Blessed Land entered, it would be able to turn the world into chaos and even collapse.
Just like when the seraph chased Wei Xiaobei and appe