uyigaruda possesses a power that can become stronger as his enemies become stronger.

Although King Ruyigaruda is a four-star disaster, in addition to being able to restrain the “Dragon” King, its low combat consciousness can easily be exposed against other enemies.
Just like in the previous battle with Suzaku, if King Ruyigaruda hadn’t had low fighting awareness, how could he have let Suzaku get close so easily.
However, having said that, King Ruyigaruda managed to escape many disasters by relying on that kind of power.
If you think about it, you will know that any enemy will probably have the idea of ??retreating when they encounter the tortoise shell outside King Ruyigaruda’s body.
After all, if he tried his best to defeat the golden lotus outside King Ruyigaruda’s body, and the opponent was recharging his energy and waiting for the battle, in that case, King Ruyigaruda’s fighting consciousness would be enough even if it was relatively low. An exhausted enemy was defeated.
But this time, King Ruyigaruda could not be proud for long.
The siege of two four-star disaster creatures!
This scene immediately caused the pride on King Ruyigaruda’s face to instantly disappear.
A three-legged golden crow can easily break half of a golden lotus. If two three-legged golden crows attack at the same time, it won’t take long for all the golden lotus to be destroyed, and there will be no time for regeneration!
Therefore, King Ruyi Garuda reacted quickly. When he saw another three-legged golden crow flying towards him, he turned around and ran away without any hesitation.
But it seemed a little late to escape at this time. The three-legged Golden Crow would never give it a chance to escape. One after another, it blocked King Ruyigaruda tightly.
Then the two-headed and three-legged golden crows spurted out light and heat, blasting wildly at King Ruyigaruda.
/The golden lotus outside King Ruyigaruda’s body was quickly destroyed, but the powerful and powerful force in his body that could follow the enemy was useless at this time. He could only watch the light beams formed by two strands of light and heat. In the blink of an eye, Time bombarded him!
There was an explosion sound, and the eyes of King Ruyijialuluo bulged out when the two strands of light and heat bombarded the intersection. The high-temperature heat flow formed by the two strands of light and heat turned the surface of King Ruyigaruda’s body into a ball in an instant. Miniature sun!
Under the full strength of the two-headed and three-legged golden crows, King Ruyigaruda only lasted less than ten minutes before he screamed in pain. The next moment, light and heat suddenly poured into his body!
In an instant, King Ruyigaruda’s consciousness became blurred, and his body suddenly fell to the ground.
Seeing King Ruyi Jialuo falling down with the afterburning flames emitting from his body, Wei Xiaobei knew that this matter was over.
“let’s start.”
Following Wei Xiaobei’s order, except for the two three-headed golden crows guarding Wei Xiaobei’s side, the