As mentioned before, even if more than 30 policemen were made of iron, they would not be able to withstand the siege of tens of thousands of Alazisai people.
Soon, the police officer who fired was killed on the spot. The police sergeant did not fire, but his legs were broken by the angry Alazisai people and tied to the roof of the police car.
The Alazisai people sped up, rushing towards the distant oil pipeline construction site like a torrent.
When the workers in charge of the construction saw so many Alazisai people coming, they turned around and ran away without daring to start any work.
/On the contrary, the person in charge of the project was more heroic and stood up and strongly scolded the Alazisai people for their behavior.
But in the eyes of the Alazisai people, the project leader is one of the most hateful guys. If it weren’t for this guy, this oil pipeline would not have been built.
Well, they didn’t think about the consortium behind it. Anyway, whoever did this in front of them was their enemy.
After a severe beating, the person in charge of the project was hoisted directly to the highest point by a crane.
As for all the machinery and construction materials in the construction site, they were destroyed by the Alazisai people.
There is no doubt that the Alazisai people believed that they had won the battle with the whites, and thus became more radical and united.
But the local state government will not allow these Alazisai people to ignore and destroy state laws. Of course, the most important thing is that they will never be allowed to destroy a certain consortium’s plan!
You know, the governor was pushed to this position by the consortium after spending a lot of effort.
Therefore, the state National Guard, directly commanded by the governor, quickly gathered and rushed over.
/When thousands of heavily armed National Guardsmen slowly advanced towards the construction site, their intimidating effect was quite strong. Many Alazisai people also calmed down at this time. Seeing so many soldiers pushing towards them, they couldn’t help but feel a little scared.
But the people in charge of this operation of the Alazisay people knew that they could no longer retreat. Once they retreated, the Alazisay people would disintegrate and fall apart, and they would never be able to unite again under the conspiracy of the white people.
Therefore, a part of the Alazisay people immediately took the lead in launching an attack on the National Guardsmen.
As the gunfire rang out, the National Guard members fell down on the spot.
But the Alazisay people are not completely united at this time. As mentioned before, some Alazisay people are afraid. They are not willing to confront the violent organizations head-on. They even want to go back to the village and let the matter end. .
But the hardliners will not allow the crowd to disperse. Now that they are here, they will not allow others to retreat.
As a result, fierce debates broke out between hardliners and backsliders.
The National Guard is an army that h