in the period of breaking through the bottleneck of strength and making an impact towards the extraordinary. This period is extremely long. He needs to increase his strength from 2,000 kilograms to 3,200 kilograms. Finally, if he breaks through 3,200 kilograms, he will become extraordinary. We Call this period the transformation period.

Soldiers in the metamorphosis stage have no combat effectiveness and need a large amount of medicine to repair and maintain their body’s needs. At the same time, they also need to use the period when their body is stable to practice physical skills to increase their strength. It is in this continuous repair and stability. , to achieve the transformation of the body. “Galen Chaofan continued to introduce.
David became more and more aware of how difficult and dangerous the process of becoming a supernatural being was. Bray still had the extraordinary support of Galen, and almost couldn’t save his life.
Since the extraordinary potion is based on genetic fluid extracted from the bone marrow of level three and above Zerg, its value must be extremely high.
Coupled with the resources required during the transformation period, and since they have no combat ability, they can only consume but not earn income, so it is necessary to have a rich family fortune during the soldier stage.
David also understood the reason why Galen Chaofan was trying to save his face and get more compensation for him, which was to save him more capital in the future.
“But with the ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’ you gave me, even if Bray fails to be promoted, his life will be saved!” Galen said with a extraordinary smile.
“Uncle Galen, I can take out some if necessary!” David said softly.
“No wonder that organization won’t let you go. If you steal so much of my ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’, I will chase you!” Galen glared at David and said, then he waved his hand and continued: “Five The bottle of ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’ is enough for mine, there is no need for more. His foundation is not good and he is too competitive. He will be lucky if he can force a breakthrough and not die!”
David nodded and said no more.
“Keep those treasures of yours yourself. These are resources. In the future, these resources will be the guarantee for you to become extraordinary. When you see good resources in the future, you must resolutely grab them. No matter how big the trouble is, it doesn’t matter to us. In other words, cultivation resources are the most important thing.
He was very satisfied with David’s confession to him, but he was not satisfied with David’s lack of attention to the resources in his hands, so he reminded him verbally.
“Sir, five extraordinary adults have sent gifts!” A waiter reported softly at the door.
/“They’re really fast, send them in!” Galen Chaofan stopped introducing David. After all he had to say, he said to the door with a smile.
The five people walked into the small hall respectfully, presented the gift boxes, and then bowed out.
/“David, this is your gift. Other gifts from others are useless