of a human being, it would be difficult to attract the attention of a giant creature like Long Bo’s people as long as not many people gathered together.

But those humans were frightened by the flood and screamed for help.
/There were a hundred people washed out by the flood. With so many people shouting for help in the water, they quickly attracted the attention of Long Bo’s people.
Wei Xiaobei clearly saw that the people of Long Bo turned around when they heard the sound, and when they saw the humans floating in the water, their mouths seemed to be drooling.
To describe it simply, the people of Long Bo are like a child who saw delicious candy. His eyes lit up, saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth, and he opened his mouth with a cheer.
It was obvious that Long Bo’s people were hungry.
Open your huge mouth and suck hard!
Immediately, a long tornado formed between the huge mouth of Long Bo’s people and those who fell into the water. It sucked up the river water in an instant, rolled up the humans, and threw them towards the huge mouth of Long Bo’s people.
A scream came, and the eyes of those humans were filled with incomparable terror, just like crushed fruit pulp mixed in a drink and sucked into the mouths of Long Bo’s people.
This was something they never expected.
They are just a group of ordinary people. Regarding the previous propaganda, their thoughts are very simple. No matter what you say, I just don’t believe it. They are just worried that if they leave, their property will be damaged, they will be cheated, etc.
In peaceful times, such thoughts would be normal, not surprising, and very common.
But at this time, such thoughts were killing them.
Undoubtedly, to the huge people of Long Bo, humans who are less than two meters tall are undoubtedly just fruit particles in drinks.
The last mouthful of river water was sucked into their mouths, and the people of Long Bo let out a sigh of satisfaction.
The hunger of the people of Longbo cannot be satisfied by just a few hundred people, but the people of Longbo are still very satisfied with some fruit desserts and drinks before eating.
Obviously, after swallowing those humans mixed with river water, the people of Long Bo felt a delicious taste, a delicious taste they had never experienced before.
So at this time, Long Bo’s people began to scan around, wanting to find more humans to fill their stomachs.
No way, Long Bo’s people consumed too much strength when passing through the space passage, and they were asleep for so long. Long Bo’s people were already hungry and their stomachs were screaming.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei could only sigh helplessly.
Wei Xiaobei really wanted to save those humans.
But he had tried his best. These humans were originally unwilling to evacuate with the large army, but now they were discovered by Long Bo’s people, and even Wei Xiaobei was unable to do anything.
It is simply unrealistic to win food from the people of Long Bo.
Not to mention anything else, just the aftermath of the