r eyes.

How would humans react when faced with an enemy they can never defeat?
To be honest, this topic is an eternal topic in psychology, and the answers vary, depending on people’s personalities, environments, and psychological changes.
For them, this land is not their homeland. If someone dares to ask them to face such an enemy, the guns in their hands will not agree!
The remaining Japanese soldiers had various reactions. Some Japanese soldiers knelt down directly. For them, such an enemy was no longer an existence they could understand. Maybe the opponent should be a real god!
/All he needs to do is kneel down and worship!
In the habits of Japanese people, it is a natural instinct to worship the strong. As long as they are stronger than them and make them afraid, then they will worship the other party, even if the other party kills their heads.
Of course, some Japanese soldiers went crazy and kept holding the trigger until a continuous sound of empty firing came from the barrel of the gun.
Most of the Japanese soldiers chose to escape and followed the American soldiers towards the warships in the port.
There is no doubt that the Japanese soldiers who chose to escape were the kind who followed blindly. If others ran away, they would follow suit. They did not think about it in their minds. Even if such a powerful being escaped on a warship, could it be possible? Is it really safe?
As most of the soldiers fled, the firelight spraying into the sky from the military port became sparse.
Undoubtedly, this made Wei Xiaobei’s clone very dissatisfied, as if he was taking a hot bath in winter and the water suddenly stopped.
Stretching out his right hand, a ball of fire appeared immediately. After a moment, the fireball came out of his hand and fell towards the military port not far away.
Seeing this scene, all the officers and soldiers felt an ominous omen in their hearts.
Obviously, the fireball thrown by a monster that can withstand all firearm attacks cannot be ordinary.
Of course, everyone immediately saw that the size of the fireball was rapidly increasing as the distance it fell increased.
From their perspective, the fireball at this time was like the sun that was approaching the earth. Against the background of the dark night sky, it looked extremely magnificent.
Even the steps of some soldiers have slowed down. They have been so frightened by the falling fireball that their thinking and reaction has become much slower.
But just when the fireball was less than a hundred meters away from the military port, the fireball had already grown to a diameter of one hundred meters.
By this time, everyone’s eyes showed a look of despair.
Even a fool understands that if such a huge fireball hits, no one on the surface will have a chance to survive!
The fireball hit the ground, and the pouring fire swept out in all directions. The body of anyone caught in the fire was burned into a pile of bones in an instant, and then huge explosions occurred in many places in the military port. Firelight.
Suddenly, w