ing Arhat is now without the rescue of Meditation Arhat!

Meditating Arhat could be said to have too much time to take care of himself at this time.
While the other Arhats were defeated or trapped by the Golden Crow clones, Wei Xiaobei’s true body found the Meditating Arhat!
The Sun Divine Spear penetrated the Meditation Arhat in an instant, and at this time, the Meditation Arhat could only hold on painfully.
The big hole in his chest had not yet completely healed, so Wei Xiaobei opened several more big holes in his body one after another!
As a result, the Meditation Arhat was even more unable to resist Wei Xiaobei’s attack. After a scream, the Sun Spear in Wei Xiaobei’s hand exploded the Meditation Arhat’s head, killing him completely!
Seeing Wei Xiaobei kill Shen Si Luo Han, although the other Arhats had killed the five thieves, they also felt sad.
Immediately they broke out, and the Fuhu Arhat rushed towards a Golden Crow clone in shock. He was not afraid of the opponent’s attack at all. He just withstood it and rushed to the front of the Golden Crow clone. He stretched out his arms and hugged the opponent tightly, and then He exerted force all over his body, horrified and wanted to strangle the Golden Crow clone to death on the spot.
It has to be said that this Fuhu Arhat is indeed brave. The gravitational fluctuations emitted by the Golden Crow clone directly caused deep and bone-deep wounds to be torn out on its huge body when the Fuhu Arhat approached. At the same time, it was carrying Even though that tiger had reached five-star ordinary strength, it was directly torn into pieces by the claws of the Golden Crow clone!
After Fuhu Arhat paid such a heavy price, he desperately tried to strangle the Golden Crow clone to death. However, after strangling him for several breaths, he was shocked to find that he could not strangle the opponent at all, and even strangled the opponent’s arms by himself. The pain is excruciating!
When the beak of the Golden Crow clone penetrated the Fuhu Arhat, a clear sound came. The Fuhu Arhat screamed, but he could see his soul being dragged out of his body by the Golden Crow clone, and then he opened his mouth and swallowed it!
Seeing this scene, the remaining Arhats could not help but tremble.
Inexplicably, a sense of fear arose in their hearts.
In the previous battle, even if several Arhats such as the Meditating Arhat, the Dragon Subduing Arhat, and the Sitting Deer Arhat were killed, it did not arouse their fear.
But now, seeing the Golden Crow clone drag out the soul of the Fuhu Arhat and eat it, this was beyond what they could tolerate.
You must know that if they are killed directly, they can still be resurrected with a Buddhist fire wick stored in the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Although the cost is very high, it is at least better than being eaten by the Golden Crow clone and unable to resurrect. Come strong!
/For a moment, the Arhats thought of retreating.
But it is not easy to retreat at this time!
Wei Xiaobei had already reunited with the G