rrifying, and it can travel to any location in the world in a shorter time.

After the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ sensed that the energy barrier was destroyed, the first thing he thought of was what kind of existence would provoke it. You must know that its aura is left on the energy barrier.
In this star field, as long as the high-level Zerg are familiar with its aura and dare to ignore its aura and destroy its energy barrier, they must have something to rely on.
/That’s why the ‘Air-Breaking Beetle King’ brought over all the four ‘Hard Beetle Kings’ that were protecting it, just to prevent the enemy from getting into trouble.
But it was obvious that the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ still underestimated its opponent. When it emerged from the space, it felt an unfamiliar legendary level aura.
What the ‘Breaking Beetle King’ sensed was the aura of the ‘Blade Mantis King’, and it did not notice the inconspicuous ‘Assassin Mantis King’ on the ground.
This cannot be blamed on the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’, even the other four ‘Hard Beetle Kings’ also did not discover the existence of the ‘Assassin Mantis King’.
As long as the ‘Assassin Mantis King’ does not attack, its aura will automatically converge. Not to mention the terrifying aura of the ‘Blade Mantis King’, as long as the ‘Assassin Mantis King’ does not take the initiative to expose itself, it is not easy to find it. .
David’s mind was in the soul of the ‘Blade Mantis King’. He couldn’t help but feel a little strange when he looked at the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ and the four ‘Hard Beetle Kings’.
When will the fifth level of Zerg appear in groups?
Don’t expect that when the Zerg launches a war, the fifth-level Zerg will appear collectively, but that is the result of gathering together.
Just like the fifth-level Templars in the divine world, the fifth-level Templars rarely gather together on weekdays. They are all distributed in every corner of the divine world.
But no matter why these level five bugs came together, David was not prepared to let these level five bugs leave alive.
“My space stone mine!” The ‘Sky Breaking Beetle King’ woke up from the terrifying aura of the ‘Blade Mantis King’ and saw the tragic situation of the space stone mine.
At this time, the space stone mine had long become a ruin. All the open-air space stones that had originally been paved on the ground disappeared, and a deep depression was obviously formed in the area of ??the space stone mine.
David’s mind is in the soul of the ‘Blade Mantis King’, and he can instinctively understand the words of the ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’.
He was a little curious, since the world of gods was not based on strength, why was this ‘Sky-Breaking Beetle King’ not afraid of the ‘Blade Mantis King’.
Although he was shocked by the aura of the ‘Blade Mantis King’ at first, after he recovered, the attitude of equality he showed was not fake.
/“I am a subordinate of Lord Spider King. No matter where you come from, if you hand over the stolen space stone, I will let you go. Otherwise, even if I can