is accelerated or hit, these cracks may expand, causing Weijia Island to break apart.

Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needed to reinforce Weijia Island to prevent such a situation from happening.
Of course, no matter what, Wei Xiaobei was very satisfied with being able to reach the current state.
After leaving the aftermath to Tamalas, Wei Xiaobei turned around and entered the Aoki Paradise.
Regarding Wei Xiaobei’s departure, Prince Tamalas was really speechless.
Although I had watched a miraculous scene like a blockbuster before, the problems caused by the launch of Weijia Island were not small.
The last thing is the impact on the Kingdom of Lesnia after the launch of Weijia Island, etc. Of course, this last point is okay. As the Prime Minister and Crown Prince of Lesnia, settling these things is not a problem.
Of course, these things also gave him a headache.
Not to mention Prince Tamalas’ headache, after Wei Xiaobei entered the Blue Wood Paradise, he immediately appeared on the crown of the World Tree, reached out and broke off a branch from the crown.
There is no doubt that the simplest and best way to strengthen Weijia Island is to plant a world tree on Weijia Island!
As for what problems will arise between the real world tree and the Aoki Blessed World tree in the future, this is not within the scope of Wei Xiaobei’s consideration.
After all, both World Trees were cultivated by Wei Xiaobei, and it doesn’t matter who wins in the future.
Of course, if a war breaks out between the two World Trees again, I am afraid that the World Tree in Aoki Paradise will have a huge advantage.
Wei Xiaobei took the branch and did not leave immediately.
Sensing Wei Xiaobei’s arrival, two flowers bloomed on the crown of the World Tree, and not long after, two fruits of different colors were born.
Wei Xiaobei, who had already experienced it once, naturally knew that these two fruits were transformed from the last clone of the Lord of Light and the power of the Sun God Indi.
Reaching out and picking off the two fruits, Wei Xiaobei looked at the two fruits, and the urge to swallow them in one gulp arose in his heart. At the same time, he could faintly feel that after swallowing the two fruits, You will lead to a big breakthrough!
Wei Xiaobei did not stop this urge, opened his mouth and swallowed all the fruits.
After swallowing the two fruits, they turned into extremely hot liquid, fell down the throat, and fell into the dantian in an instant.
The sleeping Jinwu in his dantian was immediately awakened by the movement. He opened his mouth and swallowed the extremely hot liquid.
As the Golden Crow swallowed the liquid, the next moment Wei Xiaobei saw heat waves rolling over the Golden Crow’s body. Suddenly, the Golden Crow turned into a sun suspended in the Dantian!
This scene has happened before, but in terms of the brightness of the sun, the sun transformed by the Golden Crow this time is more than a hundred times brighter than before!
/The sunlight emitted by the sun even penetrated the Dantian in an instant, penetrated