e down, causing the boundless red sand to roar into the sky, swallowing up all directions like a whirlpool.

The red sand turned into dark clouds, and the blood-stained night suddenly fell.
In an instant, under the dark red bloody sky, the sky was full of swords and strong winds were raging, the wind was roaring, and dragons were roaring.
Lord Xinli waved his wings of fire, distorting the sword light that shot out from all directions. The phantom of the fire phoenix behind him suddenly expanded, and the golden-red light dyed half of the sky red in an instant.
The fire phoenix fluttered its wings, rushed out of the sword net that blocked the sky, and kept approaching Lian Lin. The latter, like inky silk flying in the air, deflected the iron sword in his hand, condensed thousands of sword lights with his sword control skills, restrained the sword’s power and lifted it lightly, slashed diagonally with a flowing step, and split the fire phoenix into two in the air.
boom! boom! boom
One white and one red, the two female cultivators were fighting at high altitudes, shocking the air flow and causing the ripples to spread as if they were running for their lives, quickly moving away from the surroundings.
/Lu Bei looked down at the abyss below. The red turbid current was slowly moving in the ravine, flickering in and out. Just one glance filled him with endless heat.
Out of respect for nature, he felt that there must be gifts here.
The mottled space burned and cracked, the sword wind stirred up the fire waves, a phoenix screamed, and the phantom of the fire phoenix hugged its wings and turned into a huge ball of light.
The fire wave expanded violently outwards, and the crushed air waves surged outwards. The high-altitude red sand stagnated and suddenly boiled into chaos.
Looking from a distance, a mushroom cloud exploded in the sky, the air waves were like a wall, roaring like an overwhelming mountain.
There were several more continuous explosions, and a figure flew out backwards, as fast as a meteor, heading straight to the direction of Lu Bei.
/Seeing that the person coming was Lian Lin, his younger brother, Lu Bei stepped aside and watched as Lian Lin plunged into the sea of ??sand, and a pillar of dust rose up on the spot.
Otherwise, catch the person?
How can it be so? How can it be so shameless for the leader and the follower to hug each other and then both fall into a gourd rolling on the ground?
boom! !
The sea of ??sand exploded with air waves, and Lian Lin flew out. He looked at the broken iron sword in his hand, and then at Xin Lijun, who was making the staff and holding the shield, with a slightly unhappy look on his face.
He has been sleeping and wasted for many years, and has never gathered his own sword, so he is weaker than his opponent.
Very dissatisfied!
She turned her head and glared at Wang Yan. As a senior sister, she didn’t want to bully the younger ones and speak directly, so Wang Yan should be sensible and take the initiative to hand over the iron sword.
Wang Yan gave a bitter s