art of saving the world.

“When the Three Realms are stabilized and the other side is destroyed, Tongtian Taoist abandons all honor and status and enters the Sea of ??Chaos alone to seek the true meaning of the Tao. This is the heart of seeking the Tao.
“The disciple inherits the teacher’s ambition and strives to open up the sea of ??chaos so that there will be no more catastrophes and catastrophes in the world. This is the heart of saving the world. Another purpose of the disciple to open up the sea of ??chaos is to witness the truth of the great road. This is The heart of seeking truth!”
Changsun Shenghai’s eyes were as sharp as a sword and said, “Disciples save the world and seek the Tao, and do it together. On the other hand, the master is blocking me from saving the world and seeking the Tao. The master is the one who goes against his own ideals!”
/Tongtian Taoist said: “So, what about all the living beings in the countless universes in the sea of ??chaos?”
Changsun Shenghai said: “Opening up the Sea of ??Chaos requires sacrifice.”
Taoist Tongtian released the Zhuxian Sword in his hand and said: “Holy Sea, my qualifications, understanding and talent as a teacher are not as good as yours. You are talented and intelligent. I realized this when I first met you on the other side. Then At that time, I was still exploring the Nine Paths of Evidence-Based, but I just mentioned it to you once, and you could continue to understand on this basis, and finally achieved the Nine-Way Evidence-Based one step ahead of me. Your talent is so high that I also I feel ashamed to be your teacher.”
Changsun Shenghai shook his head and said: “Although I walked out of the Nine Paths of Evidence-Basing, it was the enlightenment of Xu Ying. Without him, I would not have been able to understand the subtlety of the Nine Paths of Evidence-Basing, let alone the path of both internal and external evidence-based learning. ”
/Taoist Tongtian always spoke very few words, but at this moment he seemed to have a nagging habit and wanted to pour out all the words in his heart. He continued: “Even if master and disciple break up between you and me, you will still remember the relationship between master and disciple. You have repeatedly attacked The Yi League has never really killed anyone. This time when I came to attack the Three Realms, I showed no mercy. You have already been released from seclusion, but you know that I have not yet come out of seclusion. You have waited more than seven hundred years for this. I will remember all this. In the bottom of my heart.”
Changsun Shenghai shook his head and said: “In the battle of Yimeng, because there was Chaos Bell to help, I was not its opponent at that time, so I couldn’t attack by force. The reason why I waited more than seven hundred years to attack the Three Realms was just to let you achieve great success. Come out of seclusion, you and me, master and disciple, make a final decision! Master, I have made up my mind that no matter who stands in my way, I will eradicate them. Even if this per