immediately, but observed the current situation. When he saw only one Sky Knight rushing into the castle, he immediately drew a pattern on the door of the forging room through the Shadow Attendant.

The function of this pattern is very simple, it is to intercept the original opening permission, so that people cannot open it from outside the forging room using only the permission.
And David has also seen it. This forging room was built with increased security. It is almost the same as the security level of a normal castle family treasure house. If you want to break the defense of the forging room from the outside, you can’t do it without some time. Arrived.
David wanted this time just to kill the Sky Knight who entered alone.
Who told the Alberta Sky Knights to rush so fast? It gave him the idea of ??defeating them one by one. There was no way he could deal with three Sky Knights at the same time.
When the Alberta Sky Knight heard the door knock, he instantly had a fourth-level epee in his hand and took a fighting stance.
As he made a fighting stance, a figure suddenly appeared. It was David who asked the Shadow Attendant to hold the summoning ring and release the Mark Knight.
Mark Knight is also a sky knight, with the same third-level armor and fourth-level heavy sword.
/“You are the Sky Knight next to Baron Arthur. You have really weird hidden abilities. You are probably a killer, right?” The Alberta Sky Knight looked at Mark Knight and said in a deep voice while adjusting the distance.
The Alberta Sky Knight did not think that this hidden method was possessed by David, but only thought that it was some special ability of Mark Knight.
Therefore, he judged that Mark Knight, a sky knight he had never seen before, was most likely a killer.
Although it is rare for a sky knight to become a killer, it does happen in some big families. Such sky knights are usually arranged to become sky knight killers only when an earth knight with an abnormal status breaks through unexpectedly.
For example, an Earth Knight who was wanted for committing a crime cannot reveal his identity after becoming a Sky Knight, and can only do dark things for his family.
It’s just that this kind of sky knight is extremely rare. Normal sky knights are extremely proud. How can they be a killer, a profession that is not on the stage?
Mark Knight did not speak. He was also approaching the Alberta Sky Knights. Neither of the two sky knights could use flying mounts. The Alberta Sky Knights could not use their ground horses in this room.
The Alberta Sky Knight realized that the other party just wanted to fight, and words could not affect the other party’s mood at all, so he stopped talking and concentrated on preparing for the battle.
David was five meters underground in the forging room. Through the eyes of Shadow Warrior, he watched the battle between the two sky knights about to break out.
He knows one thing very well. Mark Knight may not be the opponent of Alberta Sky Knight in a head-on battle.
/Mark Knight is indeed a Sky Knight, but his