apid-fire cannon, but unfortunately it was too heavy.

“Come here quickly, a few people, look, what a good guy this is.” The scout shouted in the distance.
/“Idiot, find the map and key first.” Someone in the team immediately shouted.
/The same thing happened at the bottom of the cliff.
But at this moment, a scream suddenly came from the end of the government troops below, followed by panicked gunfire.
The gunshot suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.
I saw bursts of black mist pouring out from the depths of the valley, and countless birds flying out of the black mist.
Birds should be very afraid of people, especially when there are such a large group of people outside, but now, these birds rushed over regardless.
All these birds hit people head-on, causing their feathers to fly in all directions. Their impact seemed very powerful, and all the birds that hit the target fell to the ground.
Neither the bandits nor the Sultan’s army were afraid of birds, but that was referring to birds from other places. Patison’s reputation was far-reaching, and these birds appeared so suddenly and strangely that no one would be afraid of them.
As if to prove everyone’s guess, those people who had been hit by the birds became extremely weird one by one. Suddenly someone opened fire, and they were shooting their own people. Suddenly, the back line of the government troops was completely in chaos, and there were people everywhere. There were gunshots and bullets flying everywhere.
Like an avalanche, this chaos spread quickly, and the whole team became extremely strange. After a moment of panic, they turned their guns and fired at their companions in front, and some even flew forward. Hug the person in front.
What’s even weirder is that the birds that fell to the ground and seemed to have been killed suddenly started flying again. These birds flew towards the top of the cliff.
Almost at the same time, more birds and other various animals flew out from the strange black mist, and these animals rushed towards the government troops crazily.
Hel, who was hiding in half a dimension, watched all this with horror.
He was too familiar with this scene. It was exactly the same as the tragedy that happened in Phillip’s hometown.
It’s just that a group of dead people wanted to rush into the town one after another. Those dead people fell on the soldiers with the same momentum of dying together. Then the original dead people fell to the ground like a real corpse and never appeared again. It moved, but the living person who was knocked down became as strange as the dead person just now.
At this moment, there is a constant stream of creatures coming out of the black mist, and the number of people infected is increasing at an unimaginable speed.
Neither the government troops below nor the bandits above knew the details of Patison, and they were not prepared at all in advance. Even if they were prepared, they did not have the strict fortifications built by Beru soldiers, nor did they have any The powerful weapons possessed by the Beru Cor