e to be appointed as a Poseidon is much better than living like a prisoner before.

Besides, even the sons and grandsons of dragons could not have the same authority as the Dragon King before. But now, they are equal to the Dragon King in their own sea area, and even have more authority than the Dragon King!
/How does this not make them excited and happy?
In any case, Wei Xiaobei canonized thousands of Poseidons in one breath, which is indeed a big deal.
But this is not the end!
“Zhao Yun is specially enthroned as the Great Military Master of the Aoki Blessed Land. He is in charge of all external war situations in the Aoki Blessed Land. The belief of all armed forces is invincible under the direction of Bingfeng!”
“Tian Yuwen is specially canonized as the Great Master Xuantian of Qingmu Blessed Land, and holds the power to protect all human beings!”
“Kismier is specially appointed as the Agricultural Envoy of Qingmu Blessed Land, taking charge of the power to promote the growth of all crops!”
“After the above gods return to their thrones, they will form their own mansions and vassals. I appreciate this!”
As the last god was canonized, beams of light of various colors descended from the sky, each covering the previously canonized god!
After the light pillars dissipated one by one, the accomplished gods naturally became different.
From this moment on, Aoki Fukuoka had its own system of gods!
Boom boom boom!
What surprised Wei Xiaobei was that after he had canonized a series of gods, Qingmu Paradise gave him a lot of power one after another.
There is no doubt that this act of canonizing gods is beneficial to Aoki Blessed Land.
In this way, this is not the end of the canonization of gods, but only the beginning.
As the Aoki Paradise grows, Wei Xiaobei will further canonize more gods to assist him in managing the Aoki Paradise.
Five-star disaster!
/Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes and inspected the Qingmu Paradise from inside to outside, and then he began to doubt his previous thoughts.
If I wanted to get an important position in heaven and make profits before, it seems that it is not very important now.
But no matter what, I am going to see if the Taibai Venus has returned?
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei immediately opened a space passage, stepped into it, and left the Aoki Blessed Land.
When Wei Xiaobei returned to the East China Sea in reality, he had just closed the space channel when he saw a ray of light flying from the sky, landing not far from him, and walking out of the Taibaijin Star.
Taibai Jinxing came towards Wei Xiaobei with a slight smile on his face but some unhappiness in his eyes.
Thinking about it, the conditions proposed by Wei Xiaobei were too high. Although Taibai Jinxing was a confidant of the Jade Emperor God and had a high status, if he brought such conditions back, he might be beaten by the Jade Emperor God. .
In this way, no matter whether this matter succeeds or not, Taibai Jinxing will not be in a happy mood.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t say anything, just looked at Taibai Jinxing.