ole, and he rushed over with a bone knife.

Suddenly seeing a person rushing towards him, the young man was overjoyed. He was about to shout for help, but his breath was disrupted due to excitement, and he coughed violently. The cough made his body bend a little, and his speed suddenly slowed down.
The zombies behind him naturally took advantage of this opportunity to catch up.
Huang Kun shook his head when he saw this scene.
So stupid!
However, when Huang Kun was evaluating others, he forgot how embarrassed he was when he was rescued by Wei Xiaobei.
People are like this. When they are strong and superior, they will unconsciously or intentionally ignore their original embarrassment and laugh at the same embarrassment of others.
Of course, Huang Kun was not the kind of guy who could ignore human life. Even though he was complaining in his heart, he still took action.
With one quick step, the bone knife in Huang Kun’s hand cut off a zombie’s arm, and he shouted: “Get out of the way!”
Huang Kun didn’t want to have another guy act as a burden during the battle.
The young man was not a fool. He hurriedly rolled and crawled towards Huang Kun’s back.
Mao Ange was stunned when he saw Huang Kun holding a bone knife and cutting off the head of a zombie in the blink of an eye.
As a good student with excellent grades, the most impulsive thing Mao Ange has ever done in his life is to pursue Cheng Sisi shamelessly.
He likes Cheng Sisi so much.
Cheng Sisi’s heroic spirit, decisiveness in doing things, etc., completely set off the sadness of the past eighteen years.
/Since elementary school, Mao Ange has been a good student who listens to her parents and teachers. She never arrives late or leaves early, smokes, drinks, secretly surfs the Internet, and other things that her peers have done more or less to seek excitement. Mao’an songs are never done.
/With his excellent grades and handsome face, Mao Ange has been the target of girls since junior high school.
But because parents said they were not allowed to fall in love prematurely, Mao Ange broke the hearts of countless girls.
Finally, when he went to college, Mao Ange realized how boring his past eighteen years had been!
You have to change yourself!
Well, after that, Mao Ange turned from one extreme to the other, from being a little shy with girls to being shameless, which really makes people lament the great power of college life.
Even if Cheng Sisi found a so-called boyfriend, Mao Ange did not intend to give up. Instead, he secretly collected Cheng Sisi’s information, hiding in bed every night, constantly looking through the photos, information, etc. on his mobile phone.
It can be said that in terms of familiarity with Cheng Sisi, apart from Cheng Sisi himself, Mao Ange is probably the only admirer at Cuihu University.
But Cheng Sisi suddenly transferred school and left, directly interrupting Mao Ange’s pursuit plan.
Cheng Sisi left in a hurry and kept it secret very well. Even their roommates in their dormitory didn’t know where Cheng Sisi had transferred to