but those soldiers were originally in a state of excitement and fear. Needle Girl suddenly stood up and scolded, which immediately aroused the emotions of those soldiers.

Da da da
Gunfire rang out immediately!
Of course, bullets are much faster than gunshots. Before the gunshots could be heard, the bullets had already hit Needle Girl’s chest.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei was not slow. When he saw the flames coming out of the muzzles of the guns, he reached out and grabbed the needle girl and threw her behind him.
Zhennu hid behind Wei Xiaobei to avoid the bullet, but the bullet hit Wei Xiaobei next.
The soldiers on the wall were shocked to see sparks flying from Wei Xiaobei’s body!
What the hell is going on?
Bullets couldn’t even penetrate his body!
The soldiers couldn’t help but rub their eyes, completely unable to believe their eyes.
Even the terrifying ghosts before, as long as their bodies are solid, will still be injured if they are hit by bullets, but they will recover very quickly.
But why can’t this man even get a bullet in? ? ! !
This is natural. Now Wei Xiaobei is not sure how much damage he can withstand, but at least the bullets fired by the individual automatic weapons in the hands of the soldiers will not hurt other parts unless they hit his eyes. Able to penetrate one’s own skin.
Most of the soldiers stopped shooting at this time. In addition to being frightened, there were not many bullets in their guns. After such a burst of fierce firing, they ran out of bullets and could no longer shoot.
/The only few soldiers who still had bullets, whether they were frightened or crazy, were still shooting at Wei Xiaobei.
When Wei Xiaobei faced this situation, although he wasn’t angry, he still felt a little unhappy. I saved you, but now you treat me like this?
His right leg was kicked to the ground casually, and a few stones flew out of the air. In a blink of an eye, the gunfire on the city wall stopped, and a big hole was opened in the foreheads of the soldiers. Their brains mixed with blood flowed out, and then their bodies could no longer Unable to control himself, he fell off the city wall.
Seeing this scene, the soldiers on the city wall were stunned. They were a little confused. The stones kicked up by the man could actually kill people!
When they reacted, they all leaned against the wall, not daring to stand up again.
Wei Xiaobei had no intention of arguing with them at this time, and walked towards the gap in the military base with Zhennu.
After seeing what Wei Xiaobei did, those soldiers no longer dared to stop Wei Xiaobei, and even tried to stay away from Wei Xiaobei.
Of course, if a ghost appeared here, they might have to run away.
No matter how good Wei Xiaobei was, he was still a human being in their eyes, so he was much less psychologically threatening.
But Wei Xiaobei came here not only to scare them, but when he saw the soldiers hiding far away like mice hiding from each other, he rushed forward, grabbed one of them, and asked sternly: “Let your commander come to see me. ”