ete the tasks assigned by Wei Xiaobei. Wei Xiaobei did not say much and quietly returned to the place where he could see the people of Long Bo. He turned on the camera on the satellite phone and let Xu Feiyang see it. Let’s talk about the meaning of super giant creatures!

How can this be! ! ?
How could there be such a huge giant in the world!
Xu Feiyang is not the kind of person who believes whatever others say.
Just looking at the ratio of the surrounding buildings to the giant in the video, you can tell that the giant is at least over 1,200 meters tall!
What is this concept?
You must know that the longest living things on the earth are giant algae growing in the ocean.
It is tens of meters long on average and can grow up to 500 meters long!
But know this is a plant!
As far as animals are concerned, the longest one is the blue whale, which is 33 meters long.
It can be said that based on the current oxygen content on the earth, the 33-meter-long blue whale is already considered the limit.
Of course, when the earth’s oxygen content was very high in ancient times, there were animals with body lengths of hundreds of meters.
But there has never been such a giant thing.
But after this thought flashed through Xu Feiyang’s mind, he knew that Wei Xiaobei could not lie to him.
The most important thing is that from the video, there is no fraud at all.
You know, this is a video that Wei Xiaobei shot in real time, not released after it was completed.
“what to do?”
After Xu Feiyang realized that this was true, his mind was almost blank. He didn’t know what to do, so he subconsciously asked.
“What should I do? Do as I say immediately! Otherwise, when it wakes up, it will be a catastrophe!”
Wei Xiaobei’s somewhat impatient words contained some heaviness.
Obviously, for such a big man, even if it is not a carnivorous creature, its actions are indeed a disaster for ordinary humans!
It’s like elephants don’t eat meat, but everyone knows what will happen if a group of elephants rush towards a small village.
“Okay, okay! I’ll report right away!”
Xu Feiyang slapped himself hard several times to clear his head, and then started to report it.
After hanging up the phone, Wei Xiaobei turned to look at Long Bo’s people and the space passage, and found that in just this time, the space passage had quickly shrunk to less than half of its previous size.
This made Wei Xiaobei sigh softly.
It seems that it is indeed impossible to lead Long Bo’s people back to the gray world.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei was not in the mood to think about what would happen after Xu Feiyang reported the report. He just hid quietly aside, staring at Long Bo’s people, thinking about how to defeat them. Fall or kill!
Pull it into the Aoki Blessed Land?
Wei Xiaobei shook his head and dismissed this thought.
The size and strength of this Long Bo people are too strong. Not to mention whether I can pull them into the Aoki Blessed Land, what should I do after I pull them in?
/The people of Long Bo are more than 1,200 meters tall just standing. If