on of consciousness. Hidden inside the invisible magic thread was Mr. Moon and his wife. With the two of them around, it would be difficult to make any mistakes, so most of Hull’s attention was focused on other demolitions. On the solution teacher.

Each of these people has their own abilities, and among them there is a dwarf who is as silent as old man Valmon. Among all the dismantlers, he is the only one who has nothing in his hands, and he doesn’t know what kind of magic core he is fused with. With a pair of bloody hands shrouded in red light, he only needs to pat a sea dragon’s body, and then lift it casually. , and immediately a foot-long piece of dragon skin was completely separated from the flesh underneath.
Hull knew very well that as long as “dragon” was in the name, the skin of this creature must be extremely tough, and the dragon in the sea was an example of rough skin and thick flesh.
I took a peek at the separation between the dragon skin and the flesh. There was absolutely no fragment of skin attached to the flesh, and the blue muscles were not damaged at all. There was actually a mirror reflection when the sun shined on it.
This skill is really amazing.
Almost in an instant, Hel had used the familiar’s copying ability to copy the dwarf dismantler’s abilities.
This was another reason why he chose the familiar’s magic core in the first place. The familiar can copy other people’s abilities. Although after copying, it will only be a version that is weakened countless times, but this is enough for Hel.
Hiding the stolen abilities, Hull began to steal the abilities of other dismantlers. Of course, he was most concerned about old man Wamen. What surprised him was that old man Wamen had been standing motionless, not knowing what was going on. What are you doing?
/Just when Hel was puzzled, he saw that the belly of the sea dragon next to the old man deflated slightly, and then the skin under its back moved slightly.
“Isn’t the old man’s ability to take something apart from the inside?” Hel thought to himself.
If he hadn’t seen that space master’s uncanny ability to control space teleportation, he might not have thought of this possibility.
That space master is only at the grandmaster level, and old man Wa Meng is the grand master, and his control must be even greater.
Hull once again used his copying ability.
Suddenly there was a soft “whoosh” sound, and an ice-blue sea dragon collapsed completely. This collapse looked a bit incredible. The whole sea dragon spread out like an iceberg collapsed, and then it looked like a master playing cards one by one. Spread out, but it spreads out “parts” all over the place.
/The entire sea dragon was disassembled very finely. Every muscle and tendon was separated. Even the bones were separated piece by piece. However, not everything was separated. There were also complete things, and It is astonishingly complete, that is, the blood vessels and nerves on Hai Long’s body.
Among the blood vessels and nerves spread on the ground, Hai Long’s figure could be vaguely