ook. Hull and Master Zhen, who were hiding in the cabin, sat face to face. Both of their faces were not very good-looking. At this moment, Hull remembered the days on the battlefield again. .

Although after a series of hardships, his strength and courage were not as good as before, but the war still made him feel powerless. It was a contest of strength between countries. Unless his strength reaches that of the Immortal King, who can cast legendary magic at will.
The problem of the ship’s too small tonnage finally appeared. Every time a cannon was fired, the ship shook violently. Fortunately, there were only four cannons, so the bombardment was not too intense.
Suddenly the ship shook violently. It was not like the recoil of a naval gun being fired.
“The ship was hit.” The magician sitting opposite him immediately turned pale.
As soon as he finished speaking, there was a crashing sound above his head.
“I’m afraid the mast is broken,” Hull muttered.
“Then there’s no need to worry. It doesn’t matter even if all the masts are broken.” The magician forced a smile and said.
“You actually know the secret of this ship.” Hull felt a little surprised.
“Of course, I am not a temporary recruit.” The magician said casually.
Hull immediately understood that the guy in front of him should be the exclusive communicator of the research team.
/“What do you know about this ship?” Hull asked.
“I don’t know more than you.” The magician spread his hands: “I only know that this ship is fifty-two meters long and seven meters wide at its widest point. During the test, it reached twenty-two knots with the sails open, and It can be sailed without a sail.”
As he spoke, there was another impact sound. This time, the ship’s side must have been shot, because the impact sound clearly carried the sound of metal collision. Hull knew that a two-centimetre-thick steel plate was nailed to the outside of the battleship.
“Don’t worry, unless the 48-pound heavy shell hits the hull within one kilometer, it will not be able to penetrate it at all.” The magician said calmly.
This unexpected naval battle lasted for more than an hour. Hull and the magician were also locked in the interrogation room for more than an hour.
The two of them were indeed quite worried at first, but as time passed and the sound of shells hitting the hull became less and less heard, they felt much more at ease.
When Hull heard the all-clear bell ringing and climbed onto the deck, the scene in front of him could only be described as desolate.
The ship’s main mast was broken, and the sailors were trying to repair it. There were also six large holes in the deck, which were left by shells. Some depressions could be seen on the port side, which surprised Hull. The steel plate armor The strength was indeed beyond his expectation. He was wondering whether the steel plates produced by Miscon Steel Plant were that strong?
Seeing Martin standing on the bow, Hull walked over and asked, “What’s going on? What did we encounter?”
“It’s the fleet that Debreton transferred from the