ght lead to unimaginable dangers.

The person who met the gear was of course Hull, and the meeting place was in a manor on the outskirts of Poli. This is a very ordinary manor. It raises nearly two hundred dairy cows and delivers milk to Boli every day. The income is not much but it is stable.
This is the most peripheral stronghold of the Devil Mountain Range. The manor owners and employees are all Beru people, and they will never arouse the suspicion of the secret police.
Gear was silent for a few minutes. He wanted to consider all the causes and consequences. After nearly half a quarter of an hour, he said: “Maybe this is not bad. At least this marriage can allow everyone to spend five or six years in peace.” Years of time, but you have to be very careful not to reveal any flaws.”
“I’m worried about how to explain to Sharon.” Hel sighed bitterly.
“Explain?” Gear asked: “What explanation do you need?”
“What’s going on between Lida and me? Will Sharon think that I abandoned his daughter?” Hel expressed his worries.
“Do you need to worry about this kind of thing?” the gear said incomprehensibly: “The one who married the Marquis’s daughter was Bruns von Philippe, not the one who loved Challon’s daughter. Ah. If Sharon can’t even understand this, how can he manage a lot of subordinates?”
/Hel was slightly startled by Gear’s words. He did not expect that the thing he was most worried about was not a problem at all in the eyes of others.
“Don’t worry, as long as you are careful, everything will go very smoothly. You and the Marquis’ daughter can live a life together. You don’t need to worry about us here. After five years or more, we will follow the original plan. , arrange a car accident to make Bruns von Philip disappear from this world forever.
“By that time, the relationship between Chalon and the Beru authorities should be very close, and there is no need for Mr. Philip to act as a middleman. Your organization should also be established. Anyone who wants to touch you must carefully consider it. “Fan, as for us, we must have made enough money.” After speaking, Gear’s words became more desolate.
“All of this is on the basis that I am not exposed, but how can I do this?” Hull complained.
“It’s very simple, don’t get too close to the Marquis’ daughter, except when you need to go to her, just go about your own business.
“Most of the results of political marriages are like this. In the upper class society, there are many couples who are extremely alienated. Or you can simply get rid of the Marquis’s daughter and let her follow you wholeheartedly. If necessary, you can also use some mental control methods. .” Gear said casually.
Seeing Hel thinking deeply, Cogwheel took out a piece of emerald the size of a thumb from his pocket: “This is for you. The Immortal King asked me to bring it.”
“What’s in there?” Hale asked.
/“have no idea.”
“Then how should I use it?” Hull became more and more confused. This really made him feel strange. Generally speaking, when making magic weapons, most of them use pure materials,