d reached out to catch the fallen arm, but his movements were slower than the old man with the white beard. Before he could catch his fallen arm, the old man with a white beard stretched out his hand, slapped him hard on the shoulder, and pushed him far away.

The crystal ball fell to the ground, and with a crisp and sweet sound, it turned into countless fragments.
Everyone looked at the old man with a white beard. The thing in the crystal ball was obtained by Elder Swinnett, who was the best at prophecy, with his life.
“Don’t try to know anything from me. What Svennet saw was a taboo that shouldn’t be seen. Anyone who touches this taboo will be like him.” The white-bearded old man said expressionlessly.
“The elder really saw the future? Is that magic circle really a great prophecy?” asked an old man next to him.
/The old man with white beard did not answer, because he himself did not know the answer, and the only one who could give the answer was that person.
Closing his eyes slightly, the old man began to meditate. He used tyrannical power to open up the space and let his consciousness enter the world controlled by that person. He wanted to ask that person about everything he saw in the crystal ball, and there were many things that needed that person. There was no answer. At this moment, he just hoped that that person had not fallen into a long sleep.
After a while, the old man with the white beard opened his eyes and said slowly: “That magic circle is indeed a great prophecy, or to be more precise, it is a great prophecy of death. It can indeed see the future, but it cannot Leave clues for others to know. The person who knows the future will die as long as he has the slightest intention to leak it, and the other person who tries to know will also die.”
“Is it because of this reason that although the legendary great prophecy once existed, it was eventually lost. Anyone who can use the great prophecy will die, and the content of the prophecy cannot be left, so what is the meaning of the great prophecy? What?” said the old man who asked the question just now.
“It is indeed meaningless to us, but for those beings who are not afraid of this taboo, the Death Prophecy is the most powerful tool. I already know the cause and effect of this matter.” The white-bearded old man said calmly.
After driving everyone away, the old man with white beard returned to his palace. He sealed all the doors and windows, and then cast a magic to isolate the inside and outside.
He waited.
After more than half an hour, the space fluctuated, and a golden halo appeared in front of his eyes.
“Svennet is dead?” The Pope asked as soon as he stepped out of the circle of light. He glanced at the old man with a white beard and immediately frowned.
/“As you can see, I was still a step too slow. The power of taboo acts directly on consciousness. When I interpreted that memory, I knew that I wouldn’t live long.” The old man with a white beard sighed, his sigh full of desolation. , but it doesn’t look sad.
“Is this the final announcement? Wh