were seated on them respectively, and below them were the human councilors. He looked at Pei Jiao dumbfounded, and for a moment he simply didn’t know what to say.

There are more than a hundred people in these human councils, and they are currently looking for talents with administrative experience or management experience in the entire human city, so the number is still slowly increasing, and these human councilors are comparable to ordinary human city citizens. Of course, they know more about Pei Jiao and the hundreds of ancient races. In particular, the true ultimate strength of a race does not depend on the number of people in a race or the living army of that race. Strength depends on the number and strength of the souls of this race!
This metaphor is like the inventory of nuclear weapons owned by human countries. Of course, there is a possibility of human beings having a nuclear war, but it is not great. It can even be said that the possibility is slim. After all, no matter how crazy human beings are, they will not be crazy. It’s as if they want mankind to exterminate themselves.
But the Holy Spirits and Souls of a race no longer have this concern. Once a battle occurs between races, the outcome is often the battle between the Souls of this race that really determines the outcome. And why do humans behave like this after the emergence of hundreds of races? The reason for the tragedy is that all human souls have completely disappeared. Until the emergence of a high-level holy spirit like Pei Jiao, a true demon-level soul, the status of human beings immediately changed drastically. This human city was established. Pei Jiao was the only one to The power of the werewolf tribe was completely wiped out, and this powerful fighting race under the eight powerful tribes was wiped out. All of this can illustrate the importance of powerful souls to a race. It simply depends on whether a race is strong or not, and even The only guarantee for survival.
/The reason why the human city can exist now, and there are two alien souls for the council to drive to enslave or kill many nearby races, is because there is such a powerful human holy spirit like Pei Jiao in the human city! His power has given mankind dignity and protection in front of hundreds of races. It can even be said that because of his existence, mankind has been saved from genocide. This statement is really not an exaggeration at all.
If those congressmen didn’t know the inside story, they would definitely cheer and be proud of it. But unfortunately, they already knew many inside stories from the two foreign elders, such as the fact that a Holy Spirit is going to be promoted to a saint. Soul, there is absolutely no one out of a thousand! This is a one-in-a-thousand life competition. The chance is one in thousands. If you survive it, you will become a holy soul. If you fail to survive it, it will completely dissipate and return to nothingness. There is no possibility of it happening again!
So when Pei Jiao said these words, none of the humans present cheered. The